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CES: Mobile Internet,3D bare eye starring debut

Cut fruit, tennis etc. these only in intelligent mobile phone on the realization of the function, now in the traditional home appliances -- TV can also be achieved. The exhibitors have this bring a new generation of intelligent television system, through technology, the TV terminal and intelligent mobile phone terminal together, users can use mobile phone replacement remote control, keyboard mouse remote control television, even through the sound of TV control.

With the wide application of mobile Internet, is more powerful, flat panel computer come out in succession. At the same time also led to the surrounding supporting products upgrade in succession, a Shenzhen company exhibited mobile phone, tablet computer mobile power. Such a6600 MAH capacity mobile power supply, can provide Apple mobile phone last week, was the same type of mobile power minimization.

In the industry have a saying,2010 is the first year of 3D,3D technology also is an emerging new technology, failed to enter the ordinary families, by 2012, as the 3D TV officially entered the popular drive. This exhibition, uncorrected3D sang the leading role.

The reporter understands, at present 65inch bore3D TV price of about60000 yuan, high prices for the naked eye3D TV is still dominated by commercial uses, it is difficult to walk into civilian areas. However, as the technology improved as well as the program source gradually abundant, the naked eye will become the trend of popular 3D.


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Use of" Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify the palmtop computer, notebook computer and mobile phone, mobile phone and other mobile communication between communication terminal equipment, but also can successfully simplify these devices and communication between the Internet, so that these modern communications equipment and Internet data transmission between rapidly became more efficient, as the wireless communication broaden the road.

I, Bluetooth profiles

The so-called Bluetooth ( Bluetooth ) technology, is in fact a kind of short distance wireless communication technology.

The Bluetooth logo said the popular spot, is the Bluetooth technology makes the modern some easily carry the mobile communication equipment and computer equipment, without the aid of cable can be networked, and can realize the wireless Internet, practical application range can also be extended to all kinds of home appliances, consumer electronics and automotive and other information appliances, composed of a huge a wireless communication network.

" Bluetooth" this name from the tenth Century Danish King Harald ( Harald Gormsson ) nickname. A pirate family Harald unified the Nordic countries become be split, Viking king of the United kingdom. Because he likes eating blueberries, teeth are often dyed blue, and won the " Bluetooth " nickname, at that time because of the color of weird because blueberries are considered not suitable for food stuff, so the love of new king also became the innovation and the courage to try symbol. In 1998, Ericsson company hopes to wireless communication technology can unite a standard and named " bluetooth".

II, the forming background of Bluetooth

Originally created by Ericsson Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth technology began in the Ericsson1994scheme, it is research in mobile phones and other accessories are low power consumption, low cost wireless communication connection method. Inventors hope for the communication to create a unified set of rules ( standardized protocol ), to solve the user mutual incompatible mobile electronic equipment. Before 1997, Ericsson this concept of contact in the mobile equipment by the manufacturer, discuss its project development cooperation, the results obtained support. The project was started formally in 1998.

In 1998May, Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and Intel company and five other famous manufacturers, Bluetooth headset in the joint development of short-range wireless communication technology standardization activities of Bluetooth technology, its purpose is to provide a short distance, low cost wireless transmission technology. The five companies also founded the Bluetooth special interest group, in order to make the Bluetooth technology to become the future wireless communication standard. Chip overlord Intel company responsible for the semiconductor chip and the transmission software development, Ericsson is responsible for radio and mobile phone software development, IBM and Toshiba notebook computer interface specifications for development.

The second half of 1999, the famous industry giant Microsoft, Motorola, three, Lucent and Bluetooth special group five companies jointly initiated the e****lishment of the Bluetooth technology popularization organizations, which lifted inside global limits a" Bluetooth" upsurge. Global industry to develop a large number of the application of Bluetooth technology products, so that the Bluetooth technology to show an extremely wide market prospect, and heralds the beginning of the twenty-first Century will usher in a wave surge high and sweep forward global wireless communication.

appropriate materials

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Architects ( Architect ) is a kind of occupation. Architects through and project investment square ( commonly referred to as Party A ) and construction method of cooperation, in the technical, economic, function and form to realize the building construction. In the progressively complex building, architects increasingly plays a in the construction investment and professional construction method ( such as construction equipment, the structure design of the communication between the role ). The architect is usually employed by the construction investors and their responsibility rather than building construction.

The architect is an occupation. Architects' project investment square ( commonly referred to as Party A ) Commission, for the construction of building professional design drawings, and coordinate the integration structure, mechanical and electrical, technology and other professional drawings, which can be used for construction drawings for the investment in foreign, architect, is still in the process of project project whole is responsible, in includes investment advice, design, bidding, construction as investing agent management and guide the project, in the technical architect, economy, function and form to realize the building construction. The architect is usually employed by the construction investors and their responsibility rather than building construction.

Architect artist and engineer, his works need engineers from mechanics angle calculation, selection of appropriate materials can be achieved, some architects design is too beyond the existing material capacity constraints, can not be realized for the real building. The architect's design also must convince investors favor, can be put into practice. History has many very talented design, because cannot completely meet the above two conditions without can become a real building.

The architect in special construction firm or engaged in related teaching and research. In China, the past is a state - owned Enterprise Architecture Design Ins***ute, are restructured into joint-stock enterprises, but also a few other professional elite occasional architect occupation. China is now the implementation of national registered architect system, a registered architect and two registered architects. Obtained the architecture related degree or architectural design and related workers must p*** the examination to get architect qualifications.

A construction firm must have at least 2 one cl*** registered architect before opening. In the UK," architect" definition of relative stenosis. According to the British" architect bill", usually only through 7 years of the Royal Ins***ute of British Architects recognized three stages of architectural education can be referred to as the" architect"; because the EU services open up to each other, access to other EU countries practicing architects qualified people in the UK may also enjoy the " architect". And other architectural design worker can only be referred to as the" architect". While in Italy," the architect

configuration degradation

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HEDY suspected plagiarism HTC mobile phone design

" The Qixi brand H701 and HTC brand ' for S ' mobile phone almost as like as two peas, is cheating." A mobile phone user watching this the name is" Hedy / 7up H701" genuine mobile phone, so that one side. Recently, the netizen said the bid, HEDY holdings limited mobile phone production department (hereinafter referred to as" the 7-up mobile phone" ) was suspected of plagiarism HTC best-selling brand of mobile phone. To this, HTC said, if the product is being copied, not ruled out by the corporate legal department investigate the corresponding responsibility of enterprises. But industry ****ysts say, HEDY mobile phone plagiarism derived from recent shortage of funds to research and development, as well as a large number of mobile phone product executive turnover.

Reporter survey: like HTC 7up H701 configuration degradation

The copycat mobile phone industry, copied winds quite healthy, but has the appearance of superior also welcomed by the market of intelligent mobile phone, almost without exception will be copycat mobile phone manufacturers" de novo copy to tail". But the reporter discovered recently, copied winds with part of regular listed company can be spared. Recently, consumers have to information times mobile phone edition claimed, has listed the informal vendors had blatantly copied another international brand HTC best-selling products" to S" series of mobile phone.

According to the reporter, in the so-called" 3C products professional manufacturers ." "" HEDY HEDY" website ( mobile.hedy.com.cn ) was found on a section named" H701 " mobile phone, appearance resembles the HTC brand " to S" product. According to a reporter from the images found on the H701 mobile phone HEDY, except in the mobile phone on the forehead are labeled " HEDY" instead of HTC trademark, and HTC for S mobile phone looks almost as like as two peas.

But though the appearance is similar, but the connotation is far. According to official data show this already seven-up, listed in September 30, 2011 3.5 inches for the Android mobile phone, ( Android version 2.3 ) operating system, support for dual GSM cards, for a 2G mobile phone. But the HTC for S series is 3.7 inches, support for GSM and WCDMA standard, is a 3G mobile phone.

Subsequently the reporter in Taobao input" 7-up"," H701" keyword is found, a and HTC for S products are highly similar in the online sales of mobile phone HEDY well. In one shop, HEDY H701 mobile phone price is only 600 yuan. Stop wait until reporters, the site has sold a mobile phone 311. Another shop prices are similar, as reporters are sold 91 units. And in the same input online HTC for S mobile phone, get query high price of 2400 yuan, for 4 times the price of HEDY products.

The HTC statement: or legal liability

Processing of films

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Commonly used food packaging plastic bags are made of polyethylene films, the film is non-toxic, it can be used for containing food. There is a film made of PVC, PVC itself has no toxicity, but based on the film uses the added additives are harmful to human body material, has a certain toxicity. So this kind of films and the film do plastic bags are not used for food.

Polyethylene ( Polyethylene, PE )

Referred to as PE. Vinyl addition polymer is a polymer organic compounds. Polyethylene is the world recognized the best materials in contact with food. Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, meet the health standards of food packaging. Polyethylene film, light and transparent, with moisture-proof, anti oxygen, acid and alkali resistance, air tightness, excellent heat sealing performance. Plastic packaging printing most dosage, the most important materials.


PVC or PVC, formula ( CH2 - CH2 ) n vinyl polymer, is the most important in a cl***, is currently the world's only second varieties of plastic polyethylene.

Shrinkfilm shrink film

Shrink film ( Shrinkfilm ), is a production process is stretched and oriented, in the use of the process by hot air treatment or infrared irradiation will shrink thermoplastic film. After heat treatment, the film is wrapped in a packaging, contractility during the cooling phase reaches the maximum value, and can be preserved for a long time.

LDPE - low density polyethylene

Low density polyethylene, abbreviation LDPE is all plastic packaging printing industry in the amount of the largest varieties. The proportion is 0.92 ~ 0.93, floating on water. The low crystallinity ( 60%), at a pressure of 1000 ~ 3000kg / C square meters for bulk polymerization, it is also called the high pressure polyethylene. In 23 degrees Celsius, density of around 0.92. Suitable for food packaging, fiber products, packaging, chemical packaging.

HDPE - high density polyethylene

High density polyethylene, referred to as HDPE. Low pressure polymerization, it is also called low pressure polyethylene. A milky white, shiny surface of the poor. Processing of films available **** molding method and T die extrusion process. Heat resistant to cooking, cold freezing resistance, moisture-proof, anti gas, insulation performance is good, not easy to damage, strength of LDPE two times. Easy opening.

BOPP - biaxially oriented polypropylene film

Biaxial stretching polypropylene film, also known as biaxially oriented polypropylene film, English abbreviation code BOPP, characterized by stretching molecular orientation, mechanical strength, folding strength, gas density, moisture barrier property is better than the common plastic film. In unit area and gl*** paper, price below the gl*** paper. Because of this film is excellent in transparency, printing color reproduction is bright and beautiful, is the important base of plastic composite flexible packaging.

solar powered engine

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The first stage

( 1900 ~ 1920)

At this stage, the world solar energy research focused on solar energy power device,Gaosuibuyou Thailand but with the condensing means diversification, and began using the flat plate heat collector and a low boiling point working medium, device expands gradually, maximum output power of 73.64kW, the practical objective is relatively clear, cost is still high. Construction of the typical device : 1901, California in the United States built into a solar water pumping device, using a truncated conical concentrators, power: 7.36kW; from 1902 to 1908, in the United States built five sets of double circulation solar engine, using a flat plate heat collector and a low boiling point working medium; 1913 in Egypt, south of Cairo built by one 5 parabolic trough mirror composed of solar water pumps, each of length 62.5m, width 4m, general lighting area of 1250m2.

Second stage

( 1920 ~ 1945)

In this 20 years, the solar energy research work is at a low ebb, to parti****te in research work and the number of research project is greatly reduced, and the reasons for its fossil fuel m***ive exploitation and the occurrence of the Second World War ( 1935 ~ 1945), solar energy and cannot be solved at the time of the energy needs, so that the solar energy research work has received left out in the cold.

Third stage

( 1945 ~ 1965)

At the end of the Second World War after 20 years, some visionary who has noticed the petroleum and natural gas resources are rapidly diminishing, called on people to pay attention to this question, thus gradually promoted the recovery and development of solar energy research, and the e****lishment of solar academic organization, organizing academic exchanges and exhibitions, the rise again of solar energy research boom. At this stage, the solar energy research has made some significant progress, more outstanding have:

In 1945, the United States Baer laboratory research into practical silicon solar battery, for large-scale photovoltaic applications foundation;

In 1955, Israel Talbot in the first international solar heat presented at scientific meetings selective coating based theory, and developed into a practical black nickel selective coating, efficient collector has created conditions for the development.

In this stage there are other some important results, more outstanding have:

In 1952, the French National Research Center in the Pyrenees Shandong department built a power 50kW solar furnace.

In 1960, the United States Florida built the world's first applying flat plate collector heating -- ammonia water absorption type air conditioning system, refrigerating capacity of 5 tons of cold.

In 1961, with a quartz window in the Stirling engine available. In this stage, strengthening the basic theory and basic materials for solar energy research, has achieved such as solar selective coating and silicon solar cell, a technological breakthrough. Flat plate heat collector has the very big development, technology mature gradually. Solar energy absorption type air conditioning research progress, build a batch of experimental solar houses. The more difficult the Stirling engine and tower solar thermal power generation technology is studied.

electricity conversion

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Brief introduction

Solar water heater to solar energy into heat energy, water from the low temperature heating to high temperature, in order to meet the people in the life, in the production of hot water use. Solar water heater in the form of the structure is divided into a vacuum tube type solar water heater and a flat plate type solar water heater, the vacuum tube type solar water heater is given priority to, occupy 95% of the domestic market. Vacuum tube solar water heater is composed of heat collector, water tank and related accessories, convert solar energy into heat energy relying mainly on tube. The use of hot water and cold water sinking tube floating principle, causes the water to produce the microcirculation and water to reach the needed. Vacuum tube working principle diagram:

Heat collection principle

One, an endothermic process

Solar radiation through the vacuum tube heat collection tube, is coated after absorption along the inner tube wall transfer to the water in the pipes. The water in the tube after absorbing the heat temperature, proportion is reduced and rise, form an upward force, cons***ute a thermal siphon system. As the water continues to move up and stored in the upper part of the water storage tank, while the lower temperature water along the opposite side of the tube is continuously replenished so move in circles, eventually FCL water rises to a certain temperature. Flat plate type water heater, is generally split water heater, medium in the heat collecting plate internal heat siphon circulation, solar radiation on the collector plate heat be transferred to the water tank, water tank through the heat exchange (jacket or coil ) can transfer heat to the cold water. Medium can also be through the pump circulation and heat transfer.

In two, a circulating pipeline

Domestic solar water heaters are usually according to natural circulation mode, no external power. Vacuum tube type solar water heater for in-line structure, hot water through the action of gravity powered. Flat plate type solar water heater through the pressure of tap water ( known as the top water power ). The solar central heating system adopts pump circulation. Solar water heater collector area is not large, considering heat loss, generally do not use pipeline cycle.

In three, the top water type using the process

Flat plate type solar water heater for top water method, vacuum tube solar water heater can also implement the top water works, water tank can be used for clamping sleeve or coil form. Top water work has the advantages of water pressure for the pressure of tap water, than the natural gravity pressure, especially the installation height is not high, which is characterized by the use of process water first tall hind low, easy to master, the user easy to adapt, but requires tap water to maintain water supply capacity. Top water works solar water heater than gravity type water heater cost, high price.

pork color

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Cooking tips:
In 1 previous sweet and sour pork ribs, the ribs marinated over fried. I love oil, but also worried that beginners will appear to have oil spill on the hand of fate. Therefore, using flat-bottomed non-stick cookware fried spareribs, the time a little bit longer, can make fried effect.

2 previously said, now I am used to good quality of soy sauce to the dish chromatically, instead of fried sugar, 1 problems, 2 is suitable for beginners to practice, 3 is good quality of soy sauce to the dish chromatically, the less effect than fried sugar inferior, but also convenient.

3 good quality ribs, instead of the ordinary spareribs. If the home 's machete, let the boss to help you chopped pieces.

The 4 steps ( 2), fried spareribs instead of fried, must be used in the fire slowly fry, don't worry, until the ribs tighten, then remove color brown.

In 5 steps ( 3 ), must pour boiling water, not cold water. Otherwise spareribs taste will not smell, taste is also hard.

6 this dish not too many ingredients, the most important is the sweet and sour ratio, beginners side edge taste, so easy to master the sweet and sour taste.

7 finally, collect soup step is critical, with fire, but the sweet and sour sauce is usually easy to paste pot, therefore, to shake the pot ribs, never in your soup, leave the cooking to do other things. The soup is thick, or get burned? Half a minute to decide the success or failure of ha.

1 first prepared with little fat ribs ( some people think this whole thin not tasty ), how many are prepared to eat what can be called master meat, cut good for you;

2 ribs adequate water and salt boil eight mature, it may be time enough electricity Fort cook;

3 remove ribs ( Tang Bei ), drain into the pan ( not too much oil, because fried ribs will out of oil, stir fry ), pour wine rice wine, soy sauce and stir into the pot, and then poured the soup, one should not pour too much, then fried, many cast fry several times, the last semi-fry sauce, add to your tastes sweetand vinegar, fried juice fast fashion plate.

Matters needing attention:
1 wine sauce can put some more,. After a little soy sauce must be placed, but not fried too long, because it's easy to paste pots, must not put msg;

2 must turn over to fry, so pork color will even look;

3 this approach is characterized by simple steps, and tasty. Also, more out of the soup can be cooked dishes, and sprinkle some chopped green onion can be drunk directly, it's worth.

Practice of various different characteristics, taste, high nutritional value, is also loved by the people, is a day.

a manuscript

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The imprint molding ( Die cutting )
We live in a range of printed matter, often with a circular or rounded corners or other irregular situation, this is when after printing press cutting molding effect. The cutting way is first loaded into a wooden model and then separated from the surrounding thin steel blade along the edge around, and then be immediately arotic post-pressure cut.

Intaglio ( convex ink printing )
Carving gravure is a relatively old printing, mainly fine print in the case of banknotes, securities, such as stamp.

Carving gravure printing and offset printing is very different, the contributions of up to approximately ten times, the peripheral line by hand carved on a zinc plate, and a narrowing of the external mechanical retracted original carved in a piece about eight of an inch on copper. The copper sheet is coated with some corrosion film,

because copper is hook word peripheral line, so to use manual rough body ground film scrape, and then use the potion image depth, finally still have to use a magnifying gl*** and a carving knife, patience will line edge, angle position fix, and a chrome plated, the plate will be accomplished.

In printing, this course will use a special gravure printing machine. It is the method of plate after the ink tank, and then by a flat steel plate scrapes the layout the excess ink, after a paper, excess ink and cleaning. The concave surface is filled with ink, on paper, the pressure of ink will be transferred to the paper, because the ink thicker, so they have a feeling of dry. If you do hit convex effect, increased pressure, not with ink, can be caused by fine letterpress effect.
The short version of the digital printing

Digital printing is processed by computer digital files directly printing, also known as computer direct printing, English is computer to press variable digital printing. Characteristics and uses: 1, suitable for print runs smaller copies, such as: hardcover tender, industry VI manual, paperback book journals, annual Yearbook, unlicensed food wine card, business card, business card printing, personalized

printing, digital printing for printing, plate making and saving cost but also meet the business or individual demand; 2, digital printing can be printed out of sheets of different personalized content, such as sheets of different name, customer name invitations printed letters, variable bar code printing and so on, which are the traditional offset printing impossible.

Essential factor
Conventional printing must have a manuscript ( original ), the plate ( plate ), the substrate, printing ink, printing machinery ( printing machinery ) five elements, can be printed. Below is the five printing elements are introduced in detail:

strongest energy

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Action characteristic
Piezoelectric effect
Natural crystal has a special" piezoelectric effect". Defect free crystal crystal jewelry worn processed into a human body, and the generation of body friction can produce a weak electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic field has emotional ****ility, promote human energy concentration camp, relieve the pain of patients and tension, memory heal rate function. Such as the United States Ins***ute of praise highly " crystal therapy", is the crystal press in the patient wound site supplementary treatment.

Optical properties of
From the crystal optical properties, crystal is the three party system of uniaxial crystal are optical crystals, with three direction of the optical axis, when according to the azimuth precision cutting after considering, the direction of the optical axis will often have a certain concentration, light function, when the stimulus to the body a certain acupuncture points, can have a certain role of physiotherapy foreign reports, the crystal in treatment of children with fracture, ****** cancer are based on this principle.

From the point of view of biological geochemistry
Crystal with other gemstones, formed in a special geological tectonic environment, containing trace elements beneficial to human body, such as iron, copper, manganese, ***anium, zinc, nickel, drill, selenium, smoke crystal due to the formation by the underground radioactive exposure while retaining a small amount of radioactive elements ( content is minimal, is not harmful to the human body, but similar radiation therapy), these trace elements with the human body often friction along the capillary eccrine intrudes into the human body and promote the in vivo trace element balance, make each part of the body is more harmonious.

Quality grade
Natural crystal has no strict international cl***ification standard, the market has different definitions, here is not a strict industry agreed. The identification is based on not using a magnifying gl***, the naked eye observation results, mainly white crystal, crystal can also refer to other.

Green phantom crystal, red phantom
Various crystal / semi precious stones.
White crystal : a focused, concentrated, expanded memory function, is all energy complex, called the crystal king. Can the town house, evil spirits, block evil, purify the body, remove disease gas, hasten lucky lucky.

Amethyst: the development of intelligent, ****le mood, improve the intuition thinking, help, centralized power, increased memory capacity, and improve interpersonal relationship, give people the courage and strength. Representative high-minded faithful love, often as a couple of tokens of stone. Amethyst in western countries also represents "the guardian of love stone", can give couples, deep love between husband and wife, chas***y, honesty and courage.

Purple Citrine: symbolizes intelligence and wealth, in other words with Amethyst and Citrine double effect; can improve the sixth sense. A dissolve Sims effect. With the blending of two extreme energy function, the most suitable for partnership, parent-child communication, chief subordinates, couples, marital communication.
Charoite: main intelligence, inspiration, creativity, teaching people to be open, strengthen the appreciation of beauty.

Citrine: belonging to the rational body, enhance self-confidence, enrichment, main side money, ordinary people to bring a windfall, L. fortune crystal. Contribute to the mood is gentle, teaching people to follow the prescribed order of actual practice. Enhanced liver stomach and digestive organs, especially acid governance.

Phantom: nickname "ghosts mammon", because it is the color with the dollar is very similar, but changed its name in fact has attract wealth ability, so it can become business people's pets, helps improve thinking, open mind, with a fortune and a high degree of cohesion of the power of wealth, is the wealth, is the representative for hard to ac***ulate wealth. Strengthen the heart function, ****le emotions ( anger, tension, insomnia, delusions ). On the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, lymph glands, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory difficulties with auxiliary therapy effect.

Titanium crystal: crystal is a crystal grain ethnic groups, the most powerful energy, often the symbol of good fortune, wealth, such as Buddha blessing. General crystal with all the six main energy, finance, wealth, popularity, evil, health, villains. ( Note: physically weak or own gas fields empty, it is recommended not to wear )

Hair crystal: powerful, can enhance the momentum, bringing a positive ambition, drive, courage, strengthen one's confidence and resolution, can bring people the courage, can help the authority of projected energy, contribute to the leaders of the order implementation and execution. Move the main financial, wealth; can keep on the gas, bones, the nervous system has to help.

Red Rutilated Quartz: action, main financial wealth; can enhance the vitality, confidence, health. Adjustment of female hormones, help in the treatment of women's diseases, treatment of weak, hypotension, skin is not shiny, fragile and sensitive. Only through pain, blood reconcile, for hormonal disorders also has more effect.
Green Rutilated Quartz: (afterburner Rutilated Quartz ) prin****l is wealth, increase business, make work business prosperity, but also can promote the health, improve the person's horoscope.

Blonde Crystal: has the strongest energy, but lucky crystal, can promote health, luck and fortune solutions, strengthen, block evil force, give a positive ambition, drive, courage.

Inner Mongolia

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Jewelry purchase
Topaz ( 1) choose Topaz should first pay attention to color, pure and fresh wine yellow, orange topaz is to share.

( 2) the gem processing should be standardized and bright, no *****s, defects or edge collapse.

( 3) should be asked about color is natural or radiation change color.
[ ] theory of crystal chemistry composition ( wB% ): according to Al2 [SiO4 ] ( OH ) 2, SiO2 33.4, Al2O3 56.6, H2O 10; F can replace OH, theoretical content of 20.65%. F : OH = 3 : 1 to 1 : 1, the topaz generating conditions vary: pegma***e type, the content of F close to the theoretical value; Yun Yingyan, the content of OH increased to 5 ~ 7%; hydrothermal type, F and OH similar content.

[ ] orthorhombic structure and morphology, A0 = 0.465nm, B0 = 0.880nm, C0 = 0.840nm; Z = 4. The crystal structure is composed of O2 -, F -, OH - ABCB layer 4 of the most compact, stacked layers (010 ). Al3 occupy eight surface voids, [AlO4 ( F, OH ) 2] eight surface connected with the body [SiO4] tetrahedron.

The double cone crystal cl***, D2h-mmm ( 3L23PC ). Columnar crystal. Common form: m, l, J trapezius column, trapezius double cone n, O, P, Q, C, B parallel sided. Cylinder Chang Youzong lines. Often irregular granular, m***ive aggregate.
[ physical ] colorless or microstrip blue green, yellow, white, brown or red yellow. Transparent. Vitreous luster. Cleaves completely. The hardness of 8. The relative density of 3.52 ~ 3.57.

Polarized light microscopy: colorless, uniaxial crystal ( two ). 2V = 44 ~ 66?, Ng = 1.616 ~ 1.644, Nm = 1.609 ~ 1.637, Np = 1.606 ~ 1.635. Interference color is low, usually for cl*** I fly ash - yellow.

[ occurrence and combination] produced mainly in granite pegma***e, Yun Yingyan and high temperature hydrothermal veins.

Identification characteristics of columnar crystal [ ], a rhombus, cylindrical surfaces are vertical stripes, cleaves completely, high hardness. This can be compared with similar quartz phase difference.

Industrial application ] transparent color beautiful crystal can be used as a gemstone, a topaz, is a semi-precious stone. Deep red "quality best, price is expensive; followed by pink, blue and yellow; colorless value minimum. Can be used for grinding materials, precision instrument bearing etc..

Topaz is in high temperature and volatile components under conditions of formation, is a typical gas hydrothermal mineral, found in granitic pegma***e, acidic volcano rock hole, Yun Yingyan and high temperature hydrothermal tin and tungsten in quartz veins. Transparent color beautiful topaz is high-grade gem materials. Brazil is the world's quality Topaz origin, discovered in Brazil in 1940 a Topaz crystal, weighing 240.25 kg, is clear and transparent, flawless.

Russia Ural and Pakistan by Carter Lang production because of containing Cr and a rose red topaz. The vast majority of the world's topaz is produced in the Brazil granitic pegma***e, including various color varieties, the largest weighing 117kg crystal. In addition, the United States, Burma, Sri Lanka, Ural mountains, Australia and other countries also have gem Topaz output.

Our topaz is produced to be produced in Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Xinjiang. In seventeenth Century, king of Portugal on the crown of Braganza diamond (1640 carats ) was considered to be the largest diamond, now has confirmed it is a colorless topaz.

power transistor

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People usually put on October 2, 1925 Scotland John Logie Baird ( John Logie Baird ) in London an experiment in" scan television." out the puppet's image as the symbol of the birth of television, he was called" the father of television". However, this view is controversial. Because, also in that year, the Russians Sifu Luo Jin ( Vladimir Zworykin ) in the Westinghouse company ( Westinghouse ) to his boss shows his television system.

Although time is the same, but John Logie Baird ( John Logie Baird ) and Sifu Luo Jin ( Vladimir Zworykin ) television system is vastly different. In history, John Logie Baird ( John Logie Baird ) television system called mechanical television, but Luo Jin 's system is called electronic television. This difference is mainly due to the transmission and reception of the principle of different.

The development of television complex. Almost at the same time there are a lot of people doing the same study. The United States of America RCA1939 TV launched the world's first black and white TV set, to 1953 national TV standards as well as the 1954 launch of the RCA color tv.

Signal system structure
Television signal system [1] system comprises a common signal channel, audio channel and as the release of final circuit three parts, their main role is to the antenna to receive high-frequency signals ( including the image signal and the sound signal amplifying and processing ), the final reconstructed image on the screen, and in the recovery of audio speaker.

The high frequency amplifier, a mixer and a local oscillator is composed of three parts. Satellite TV and its role is to select and amplification by an antenna to receive television tuner to high frequency television signal, after mixing processing 38 MHz images of frontal signal and the 31.5 intermediate frequency ( MHz first intermediate frequency ) signal sound surface effect is the formation of image of amplitude-frequency characteristics; pre placed role: amplification signal ( 20 dB amount ), compensated acoustic surface filter on the signal loss; surface filter to achieve high tuner and image on the impedance matching between.

ACC ( automatic gain control ): through the control circuit and high on the gain of the circuit, thereby maintaining the geophone output AGC and ANC video signal voltage amplitude basically ****le; ANC ( automatic noise suppression circuit: reduce external noise ) television signal on television transition effects and interference.

Sweeping system structure   Television scanning system including synchronizing circuit, line-scan circuit, field scan electric circuit, teletron and feed circuit. Sweeping system's leading role is causes on teletron's fluorescent screen to form the normal diffraction grating.

The amplitude selection electric circuit use synchronized signal in the entire television signal the scope highest characteristic, takes the composite synchronizing signal the integrated circuit to be bigger than by far using the field synchronizing signal width the good synchronized signal width the characteristic, separates the field synchronizing signal from the composite synchronizing signal, controls the field scan electric circuit, realizes the television field scan synchronization, integrated circuit's separation way also said that the width separates the AFC electric circuit function is the automatic solid present synchronization.

The principle is takes out the good synchronized signal from the composite synchronizing signal, feeds back the line frequency denticle with this aircraft good output stage to plate the signal to carry on the comparison, then the outlet error control voltage adjusts the line scan the frequency and the phase, solid present television synchronizing circuit. Power circuit structure

  The television power circuit's function is 220 V alternating voltage which provides the television carries on the live pressure (voltage dropping), then after the rectification, the filter, the constant voltage, obtains conforms to request ****le DC voltage supplies various part of electric circuits. The PC three piece of integrated circuit monochrome set, produces now the television is with the integrated circuit ***embly television. The integrated circuit television has following merit:

  1st, an integrated circuit, contains tens of thousands of television primary device, may replace one or several unit electric circuit, thus reduces the complete machine greatly the part total, causes the installment, the debugging working procedure big simplification, raised the production efficiency.

  2nd, as a result of the primary device quan***y's reduction, the television complete machine's spot number and the connecting lead also greatly reduced, enhanced the product reliability.

  3rd, the integrated circuit used the most perfect electric circuit generally in the design, the television box therefore enhanced the television complete machine performance index. Because receives the fabrication technology the influence, at present in the integrated circuit can only the ancient low power transistor, the resistance and the low-power electric capacity (below several hundred PF); The inductance, large capacity parts and so on electric capacity, resistance and high efficiency transistor, need to use the television external connection discrete component generally.

pressure position

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Fundamentals of news:
Therefore, the S & P cut before the Spanish downgrade, the euro / dollar Asian city in early trading Friday ( October 14th) a moderate decline. Investors now waiting for this weekend's group of twenty meeting ( G20 ), in both France and Germany promised at the end of the month announced that the solution to the debt crisis, investors expect the meeting there will be good news.

Rating agency Standard & Poor's ( Standard and Poor ' s ) announced that, due to sluggish economic growth, fiscal austerity and private sector debt high, the Spanish long-term credit rating from AA down a level distance to AA, a negative outlook.

The G20 finance ministers and central bankers Friday would be held in Paris conference, to help find the debt crisis in the eurozone to walk out of predicament and reliable way, the debt crisis and evolution has ignited the related global economic recession fears will fall. G20 may after release involving the European debt problems, and on the Sa****ay evening local time held a press conference.

The French Ministry of finance sources, in two days during the conference, the eurozone debt problems than any other things are urgent, this meeting a pressing matter of the moment is to find that the euro zone to restore ****ility to the element.

With the crisis of the anxious mood upgrade, outside the euro zone ministers are expected to call a spade a spade. A non euro zone the people said: "the meeting is G20 Cannes ahead of the summit of the important nodes, and for the euro zone to exert pressure to provide valuable opportunities. "

Technical aspects:
Gold yesterday to close out with a line under the shadow of small line. Technically speaking, short bull is still expected to, yesterday the minimum to 1653.3 U.S. dollars / ounce, down 8.3 U.S. dollars, to close at 1666.20 U.S. dollars / ounce, or 0.26%, days of overall to shock upward, above the focus area 1680, investors should pay attention to the risk control position. Investors in the operation of the time suggested a more familiar with their own goods, but also can better grasp the market.

Today operation:
Gold 1660 near long, stop-loss below 1650, the surplus 16801700.

The parties agreed to Slovakia late on Friday approved the EFSF expansion motion, good euro, dollar index lower, market risk sentiment was boosted, gold and commodities higher. Prices rose above $1680 a pressure position, hit a new high of three weeks, to 1691.8 dollars.

New York commodity exchange gold futures market the most actively traded December contract closed at 1682.6 U.S. dollars an ounce, compared the preceding trading day to rise 21.6 dollars, go up 1.3%. New York time open quotation 1688.2 dollars, highest minimum $1691.8, $1673, to $1677.1, or 0.66%.

Asian markets opened yesterday to $1679, from $ 1670-1685 interval arrangement. Gold chart in MACD Hongzhu peep, bottom Jin Cha, but repeatedly Chonggao down, illustrate the above pressure heavier, investors can continue to pay attention to the gold could ****ilize above $1680, pressure 1700 dollars.

future product

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Qiaobusi when resignation once indicated that he believed the apple is happiest the time which, most innovates also in front. Now we start to know that his these words mean anything. Qiaobusi has forged the apple, apple making for he most outstanding product. Apple all aspects closely unify: The chip, the hardware, the software, the industrial design, develops the platform, the strict control manufacture flow, the market marketing as well as the retail shop.

Apple this machine in makes and sales aspects and so on intelligence handset and plate computer is fruitful, but do not forget, the PC time only then just began the prologue. iPhone is promotes 4 years ago, iPad also is only before 1-and-a-half years only then issued, unifies the computer function in the product to become one tendency. Certainly, the technology can realize does not mean that must do this, which matter aspect doesn't the apple make in the choice appears the unusual autonomy. The latter PC time's product will far exceed the intelligent handset and the plate computer's category, but the apple will still be at the appointed time blooming. (article/Sina science and technology)

 When ?the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit? not yet fails to keep an appointment from iPhone5 disappointed leaves, a more discomforting news spreads - - Apple Company legend leader Steve ? Qiaobusi on October 5 to leave the world. This making apple empire ?the god? the same character, walked the short 56 year lives, the field while elapsed which to Qiaobusi to the utmost regretted, also will develop in the future to the Apple Company displays worried.

Looking over doesn't the global market, which To be listed apple perhaps have to relate so closely like this likely now the enterprise destiny with a person's decision-making. Although is unable to represent the entire apple the operation, but Qiaobusi individual factor has in the apple product design and in the enterprise culture e****lishment affects absolutely. In many person of eyes, Qiaobusi is the apple soul, the status does not have may subs***ute.

  In fact, the current Apple Company's product line walks Qiaobusi to decide the route nearly completely. iMac, IPOd, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iCloud ......Qiaobusi advocated strongly that designs i serial products which and promotes, ?? will post the product concept the core. From the media player, the intelligent handset to the plate computer, each product becomes falls short of demand popularly greatly. Taking this into consideration, some ?the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit? is honored as the Qiaobusi time ?iJobs?.

 In some kind of degree said that what Qiaobusi takes to the apple to be most is right ?perfect? and ?the innovation? unremitting pursue. Under Qiaobusi idea instruction, the apple product outward appearance advocation brief design, in the function pays great attention the user experience and the user's needs. Specially in the technological innovation aspect, the apple throughout is maintaining industry in windvane's status.

  Because perhaps just has integrated Qiaobusi fine, nitpicking, spirited, pursue stimulation individual special characteristic, the apple has not been surrounded by the relative seal's software platform the hands and feet, the technical change which changes with each new day has not been p***ed another vehicle, has not travelled together the huge pressure of compe***ion to strike breaks down. The apple is individualistic not only has not become estranged the user, instead attracted in large numbers has supported the wholesale faithfully.

At the present, the apple already becomes the fashion, the innovation, the cl***ics, the perfect ****oun.  

 However, along with Qiaobusi turning around, whether the apple product line to continue to detain the huge user group to become the difficult problem. The other day some reports said that before Qiaobusi will die, has helped to e****lish a long-term apple product road map, Apple Company's board meeting mostly has concentrated on future product, but Qiaobusi has meddled at least in the future three year product hypothesis. Speaking of this point, the apple i series reserve product is sufficient, the short-term should not have jolts too much.

  But, is changing with each new day the scientific and technical circles, the Apple Company impossible depending on to sit idle and eat defends the field Wang Zhe throne. How to extend Qiaobusi ?i? family's lifeline, how to further promote the apple product in the steep compe***ion the attraction, how to satisfy ?the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit? the nitpicking appe***e, is the question which the Apple Company needs to consider.

the exploration

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  , The South America is broadest by Brazil's hotel network, approximately 50. Countries and so on Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay have the youth hotel. Central South America's hotel sleeps the position to be few generally, entertains looks for a beautiful and serene place the exploration, the risk calendar wonderful back person who hires a pros***ute primarily. These hotels have the strong Latin character and style, are many when the hotel operator himself is the back person who hires a pros***ute who has fought many battles. Many hotels are the start in the back person who hires a pros***ute intercourse on the way or in the natural scenery scenic area. Central South America's hotel charge small advantage.

  Middle east country's youth hotel is generally direct or indirectly the rich Local government subsidization. In Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Arab unite are still long places such as country, Lebanon, Qatar to have the youth hotel e****lishment. And somewhat sets up as an attachment has the athletic field, the swimming pool, the fitness room, equipment quite good. The main user is the local member and is close to the middle east country member, the foreign visitor are not many. What only exception is Israel, this country hotel standard is very high, many American nationality Jew returning to homeland takes vacation when moves, the team are also many. Hotel world-wide domestic main scenic spot.

    ;The African Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa are equipped with the youth hotel. But Africa over the years as a result of reasons and so on economy and political turbulence, the youth hotel development comes under the influence, at present is more splendid by South Africa's hotel. Goes to Africa's back people who hires a pros***ute take to track down the natural ecology and seeking novelty as many.

in 1998 the summer, Guangdong Province travel agency took the lead the international youth hotel concept to introduce China, in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing has e****lished the Chinese first group of international youths hotel. As soon as this concept p***es through promotes, aroused society's widespread interest, the media has struggled the report, specially received general young people's welcome.   on September 6, 1999, the Chinese first youth hotel ***ociation - - Guangdong Province youth hotel ***ociation was founded officially.

Guangdong Province youth hotel ***ociation is the international youth hotel alliance (INTERNATIONAL YOUTH HOSTEL FEDERATION, is called IYHF) the ***ociate member, is also this organization present (represents) the unit in China's only members. To develop the youth hotel network quickly in China, the international youth hotel alliance also set up in Guangzhou has planned the office, was responsible to process the related national youth hotel development business, like network development, brand protection, training and propaganda promotion and so on. in 2000, Beijing Youth Hotel Association was founded.

Two ***ociation's e****lishment, promoted the China youth hotel network development greatly. At the same time, the depth the IYHF brand which is welcome the world youth symbolized that - - has the Pine and the small log cabin blue triangle, has completed the registration in China. The international youth hotel this has the near hundred year historical world-known brand to settle down finally in China.

  At present our country regional sixth branch have e****lished nearly 150 youth hotels. Formed initially has covered the nation main tourist city the youth hotel network. At the same time, China had several thousand to hold the international youth hotel alliance release HI card member. They realize ?line of Wan Lilu? diligently with own motion the dream. In them part of people already started the back to have the travel bag to take up jobs, to go out the entrance to a country the exploration seeking knowledge course.

color steatite

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 The Huizhou Urban planning Committee formulates the plan demonstrated that the gold and jade East bead mausoleum wall has not planned the golf course project construction, in relevant position, what plans is the public green area. ?we have not approved the gold and jade East golf course project.?

The Huiyang area housing and city and countryside plan building office concerned person in charge Jin Yongshan said that this belongs to arbitrarily the operation construction. e Huiyang area liability of fault gives the statistical data demonstrated that until now the gold and jade East bead mausoleum wall altogether takes 665.78 Chinese acres legitimately. But the gold and jade East golf course land 678.16 Chinese acres, do not have the examination procedure completely.

  Reporter arrives at the Local government related Functional departments to interview afterward found that to the developer big area illegal ?the land-levying? the behavior, the locality various Functional departments not stops and punishes the record secretly blatantly.

  The place department displays ?calm?   Private constructs the golf course with the developer ?boldly? to compare, place department's performance ?calm?. When goes to September reporter to investigate, the local plan, the Environmental protection department had still not adopted any surveillance law enforcement behavior. ?we did not know that the gold and jade East is constructing the golf course.?

Huiyang area environmental protection bureau Assistant Commissioner Yao the sea gull said.   What is more incomprehensible, at this point, Huiyang area some leaderships still to gold and jade East golf course to be whether illegal ?leaves undecided?.   Th The deputy district head Liu Yi peak said: ?the gold and jade East does whether is the golf course not flattery, heard that has the hole is the golf course, the hole has not calculated the golf course.?

The Changhua fossil because of produces acquires fame in Zhejiang Linan Changhua. Is also our country most famous four big is seal stone it   One. The Changhua fossil mineral component by the clay mineral dikite primarily, often includes clay minerals and so on advanced age stone. Also often includes the complete alteration not to become the dikite the flinty quartz porphyritic crystal, degree of hardness is bigger than the dikite by far, in the craft said that it is ?granulated substance Ding?, for sculptor big death anniversary. Therefore, ?granulated substance Ding? how many immediate influence Changhua fossil quality.

  The Changhua fossil lithical relatively many granulated substance, compare the pagodite and the qingtian stone generally are slightly firm, and degree of hardness change is big. The quality of material was also inferior that the two are exquisite. But also has the quality of material delicateness and each kind of color steatite. The Changhua fossil color has white, black, red, yellow, the ash and so on each kind of color, the variety also subdivides very many kinds, many by color division.

If the white said that ?white Changhua?, the black or the gray mixed black said ?black Changhua?, the multicolor interaction calls ?flowered Changhua?. But in Changhua fossil, since old times until now, from the domestic overseas, most has the great reputation is ?the stone for lithographing three treasures? one ?Changhua soapstone?.

good information

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(4) angle The outdoors entire color pastes piece type SMD the angle general request horizontal direction and the vertical direction is bigger than 110 degrees.

(5) waterproofing and moisture-proof The outdoors entire color pastes piece type SMD the waterproofing and the humidity resistance is the very important key parameter. The SMD support material's choice and the structural design have decided the waterproofing and the humidity resistance. The new PPA material, the silica gel material's use and the new structure's design can solve the waterproofing and the moisture-proof question. The waterproofing and the moisture-proof question have not been able very good to solve, will present the expiration darkly, questions and so on bright, fast weaken. The quality outstanding outdoors entire color pastes piece type SMD the waterproofing, the dustproof rank to be able to arrive at IP67, the moisture-proof rank is Lever3.

(6) against ultraviolet ray As a result of the outdoors use, requests entire color to paste piece type SMD the support material and fills seals the material to have resists ultraviolet ray's ability. Unexpected ultraviolet ray's SMD will present PPA to turn yellow, to fill seals the material to be muddy, will thus present the brightness decay and the expiration phenomenon. The quality outstanding outdoors entire color pastes piece type SMD should not to be bigger than 5% the outside work 10000 hour later yellow stain proportion.

(7) failure rate Presents the expiration easily under many factor functions. The quality outstanding outdoors entire color pastes piece type SMD the failure rate to be lower than in 3000 hours 5/100000 (50ppm).

(8) thickness The outdoors entire color pastes the piece type SMD display monitor to consider the line board waterproofing factor, needs to carry on against hydrogel below the SMD thickness to fill seals, therefore the entire color pastes piece type SMD to need certain altitude, at present in the market condition mainstream thickness is 2.5mm. Fourth, the outdoors entire color pastes the piece type SMD display monitor's trend of development In brightness, the cost, the traditional outdoors entire color in-line type ellipse LED display monitor has the superiority which in 20mm and an above picture element spacing does not have may substitute.

Along with the LED chip brightness and the LED package process technology's promotion, the outdoors entire color pastes piece type SMD the price and the ellipse LED disparity reduced to 10% to 20%. The outdoors entire color pastes the piece type SMD display monitor, because has the angle of view to be broad, the distribution of light good, mixes the light to be good, contrast gradient high and easy automated production superiority, its market share from the present less than 10%, develop hopefully to and the outdoors entire color in-line type ellipse LED display monitor equal division world aspect.

The two day-long China - Portuguese country trade operations forum third senior official meeting in the Macao satisfactory close, after the meeting, has signed China and Portuguese country "Trade operations Program of action" (2010-2013 years). In this conference, various countries pay attention to the low-carbon profession development specially, but the led profession is also this profession important member.

In jinhou ji nian, will look like the led lamp, the led display monitor and so on related product will obtain a bigger popularization and the development, will obtain the more government's attention. To transmit this conference spirit fast, studies for all staff, the company organized to be related the personnel to hold the symposium, the attending return's leadership has presided over this conference. At the meeting, everybody believed that follows government this policy, in the future three, four years, the country will continue to the led profession's support dynamics to enlarge, regarding these government close attention's enterprise, possible corresponding to obtain more supports.

Facing this advantage good information, supports one of units as the government passes the Pu science and technology company, must hold this rare development opportunity, does well the product earnestly the research and development, pays special attention to the product the production, sharpens the company own synthesis competitive ability diligently, by will soon realize the company already the superb target which decides.

investment reduces

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Under Japanese government's support vigorously, the LED illumination industry growth is rapid. in 2008 the LED illumination has accounted for the Japanese illumination market proportion 0.8%, estimated that in 2015 will amount to 8%,2020 years to promote to 25%. date Asia, ToyodaGosei and so on to have the world influence LED Leading enterprise to emerge unceasingly.

The Japanese government in promoted the LED industrial development in the process to play the very vital role. As early as 12 years ago, Japan started to implement the impetus semiconductor lighting techniques development and the industrial production ?the 21st century light plans?, is in the world starts one of most early LED industrial policy national.

This article inquired into emphatically the Japanese most important LED industrial policy ?the 21st century light plans?, analyzes around this plan two implementation stage development center of gravity, summarizes it to develop the LED industry enlightenment to Guangdong.

First, the first stage promotes the technical research and development primarily (1998-2002) The request authoritative organization advances the plan implementation. Japan ?the 21st century light planned? (high efficiency electro-optic transformation compound semiconductor development) is in March, 1998 by the Japanese economical industry province (before was Ministry of International Trade and Industry,

METI) is the new energy and the industrial technology development organizes (NEDO, TheNewEnergyAndIndustrialTechnologyDevELopmentOrganization) to provide the subsidization, made concrete (JRCM, TheJapanResearchAndDevelopmentCenterForMetals) implements together by NEDO and the Japanese metal R&D center. The research and development work by the Japanese Electric lamp Manufacture Association and 4 universities, 13 enterprise cooperation carries on.

Looking from at that time the situation, Japan positively implemented ?the 21st century light to plan? mainly stems from three aspects to consider: First, to conserve energy, the LED product outstanding energy conservation effect can save the massive energy for Japan, this is also the most important reason.

Second, to reduce the platoon, once the LED illumination popularizes, every year will reduce 3,400,000 tons carbon dioxide, without doubt has increased a medicinal preparation strong heart needle for the Kyoto Protocol carbon withdrawal reduction. Third, is in the lead for the industry, the Japanese government tries to cultivate the native place LED industry the international competitiveness, maintains take the date Asia chemistry, Toyota synthesizes and so on companies as head's Japanese LED technology in the global leading position. Phase of plan key Journal of Propulsion Technology research and development. ?The 21st century light plans?

a phase of plan emphasizes the LED technology the basic research. During 1998-2002 years, Japanese government invests 5,000,000,000 Japanese Yen development white light semiconductor to illuminate LED as well as the new semiconducting material, the substrate, the luminous powder and the illumination lamps and lanterns and so on (see Table 1), realizes in 2005 to produce can substitute the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp's first generation illuminates ordinary the LED photo source. Japan already realized ?the 21st century light to plan?

the first stage goal. First stage goal's completion, has cast one batch of Japanese LED Leading enterprise's success to a great extent, they in GaN blue, domains and so on green light LED broke through one batch of industrial key and the general character technology and have around the world set up the patent network, since has formed this century Japan in the LED industry international lead.哮喘 For example, grasps extension piece manufacture material productions and the technique of manufacture and so on polycrystalline silicon,

silicon unit crystal and silicon chip world-known Japanese Enterprise has letter Vietnam, Mitsubishi two (with other two moral excellence enterprise MEMC, Wacker to control global 70% silicon extension piece market together); Masters the GaAS foundation plate technique of manufacture the Japanese Enterprise including the Hitachi electric wire, the Sumitomo electricity, the Mitsubishi chemistry, the letter and so on;

The one who masters the organic metal technology is the Sumitomo electricity; Masters the luminous powder related technology the enterprise to have basic special chemistry (Nenoto), to turn into (Optonix) and so on; Grasps the MOVCD equipment (to be named epitaxial furnace) the technique of manufacture Japanese Enterprise including the date Asia chemistry, Toyota to synthesize, greatly positive acid (Sanso) and so on.

Second, second stage construction and cultivation buyers' market (2003-2010) ?The 21st century light planned? is Japan was in the lead at the beginning of the century in the LED domain implementation technology the developmental strategy important measure. This plan hope through the technical continual breakthrough, in 2006 can realize with the white light LED illumination substitutes 50% traditional illumination, as well as the national electric power energy consumption reduces the approximately 10% goals.

But the LED illumination only accounts for the Japanese illumination market proportion in fact in 2008 0.8%, this has not been able to achieve the anticipated level as well as the market introduction application lag with the LED price fall scope has the very big relations. Therefore, the Japanese government adjusted ?the 21st century light to plan?

the second stage implementation center of gravity, changed the second stage primarily from the first stage's impetus technology research and development the construction and the raise buyers' market. The technical attack aspect more leads by the industrial field and the profession alliance, government's direct financial investment reduces gradually, the government hoped that through cultivates the market and strengthens the promoted application to open the predicament.

Therefore, in the plan second stage implementation process, the Japanese government adopted positively impelled the LED standard to set up, the tax revenue to drive that measures and so on LED product promotion application expanded the LED illumination market.

power source's c

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Russian nanotechnology company chairman Anaa Tolley ? Chubais when with Russian Premier Putin meeting announced that ?the Russian first batch LED lamp (light emitter diode) at the beginning of September in Moscow and Shengbidebao's store going on the market, the first batch of quantity issued will be 30,000.? Anaa Tolley ? Chubais also pointed out that will recommend this kind of lamp on September 2, first batch will experiment the LED lamp promotes at the beginning of September in Moscow and the St. Petersburg two city stores.

The LED lamp's power is 60 watts, but the energy consumption is 12 watts. Anaa Tolley ? Chubais also said: ?The LED lamp's service life is 50000 hours, maintains the time is 3 years, if this period damage free will replace.? Russian nanotechnology company chairman pointed out that LED lamp's price compared to Western similar lamp's price low 1000 rubles. If the market had proven the LED lamp's competitive power, that in 2 years, LED lamp's price will reduce 20% to 25%. In addition, Anaa Tolley ? Chubais believed that possibly to 2014, each LED lamp's price will drop to 250 rubles, also perhaps is in 2013.

The other day, state president Hu Jintao came to Guangzhou light to inspect for the illumination science and technology Limited company. Period, the light introduced for illumination Chairman Zhou Tanyu to President Hu its independent research and development seal technology and the unique luminous powder match core technologies and so on powder, and introduced specially to president it uses COB the seal technology independent research and development the LED ball to soak the lamp, President Hu indicated should promote the LED ball to soak the lamp vigorously.

President Hu encourages ?the light is the illumination? Chairman Zhou Tanyu wants ?to insist that produces, studies, grinds unifies, the gathering more innovation talented people, solve the more technical difficult problems, has the more proprietary intellectual property rights, causes the product not only to win applause in the domestic market, moreover wins applause in the international market, adds the light for the Chinese. Guangzhou light founds for the illumination science and technology Limited company in July, 2007, this company concentrates the LED research and development, the production, the sale and the post-sale service establishes the 4S services structure for a body, the product widely applies in the LED road lighting, the LED commercial lighting and the LED landscape illumination and so on.

This company said that it mainly serves in LED the high-end illumination market, and by the Chinese brand status and world many countries and the local well-known enterprise cooperation, the product sells the global market.

Recently, the Japanese Street Street light Manufacture Company referred to the LED lamp easy move of winged insect, this company thought that the color temperature is higher, LED sends out the light is brighter, the winged insect is easier to gather.

This company pointed out that must cover the seamless transparent cover around the photo source, otherwise the winged insect is very easy to invade the photo source, creates the electrical failure, will establish a half year to present the breakdown. It is reported that what attraction winged insect is the wave length is the 340~350nm ultraviolet ray, but the LED street light provides in the white LED luminescent spectrum has not examined the above wave length the optical fiber, the attraction winged insect's reason still during the investigation.

In addition, this company had pointed out the LED lamp also has the radiation material to be heavy, the LED light bulb and power source's connection method, regarding the luminous efficiency and the light beam understanding, lightens the use weak electric current, thus is unable to use questions and so on fluorescence switch.

power tool

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The standard authentication namely with the certificate either the qualified symbol proved that a product or a service conform to the specific standard or the engineering factor activity.

  At present ?the authentication? in domestic and foreign has received the universal value. In the product design, the manufacture, the experiment, the sale, the use and so on the entire process, the enterprise felt more and more needs the third party help, guaranteed that the manufacture the product conforms to the recognition quality specification, enables the product to guarantee that enters the domestic and foreign markets, enhances the product the prestige.   Internationally, had many countries to establish the authentication system, has set up the authentication symbol.

  Our country has established ?the Chinese Electrician Product Authentication Committee? in 1985, in 1985 October authorized the establishment ?the Chinese Electrician Product Authentication Committee power tool to authenticate the test house?, has promulgated ?the power tool authentication regulation?.

  Every after authentication qualified power tool each kind of product, authenticates by the Chinese electrician productThe committee unifies issues recognizes the certificate card and the sign.

  The C Great Wall symbolized   In order to improve the power tool product quality, maintains the user the economic interest, the safeguard life security, enhancement power tool product in international market competitive ability, the original Ministry of mechanized industry, Ministry of Commerce, the National Commodity inspection bureau, the material bureau issued the notice jointly in May, 1986, decided that implemented the compulsion to the power tool product the safe authentication.

From July 1, 1988, to the electric drill, attacks the electric drill, the electric hammer, the electricity pickaxe, the electrically operated angular orientation polishing engine, the electrically operated handhold to the grinder, the mold electric flour mill, the electrically operated sander, the electricity circular saw, the electric shears, the electricity punching shear, the electrically operated tapper, the electricity dug straight, tortured electrically operated, the electrically operated compass saw, the electrically operated screwdriver and so on 16 products implemented the first batch of compulsion authentication.

  Every enterprise has the certificate of quality, on the product has the qualified symbol power tool product only then to permit the production and the sale.   The power tool product's authentication term of validity is 5 years.

Raises the technical level   For consolidated present already the market which seizes, further cultivates and develops the new market, from now on will pay special attention to the following several aspects to work with emphasis: Further improves the product quality, speeds up the new product development. Must key speed up the battery type power tool and the electronic control power tool's development specially, raises power tool's level and the product quality unceasingly.

  The production technology to the intensification, the flexibility, the automation, the specialization as well as the production cooperates to turn out complete units the network development. Should by decide the sign production, the neutral packing export way to change gradually exports own famous brand goods. Decided the sign production, the neutral packing production method to expand our country power tool to export the vital role fast truly, but this by no means long-term idea, because this operating mode was unable to set up the Chinese Enterprise's image, created own name brand, our country's some Production enterprise, only could be the processing factory which remained obscure, but the middle man actually gained the sudden and huge profits.

Moreover, decides the sign production to be often hidden the trademark right infringement dispute the hidden danger. In order to urge our country power tool foreign trade market healthy development, defends our country power tool profession the legitimate rights and interests, must certainly create own name brand diligently in the products outlet, gains the proper profit.   The comprehensive development power tool safe authentication and the electromagnetic compatibility authentication work, implements the power tool the export license, improves power tool's quality and the level unceasingly.

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