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The American stock market be raging like a storm, both big winner, also have a big loser. Apple Corp shares the same day a record high, and " facebook " stock on the same day the history new low.

Apple shares 2 hit $648.19 high, closing time is still up to $648.11 in after-hours trading, and is still rising. Since July this year, Apple shares have been on the rise, the ***ulative increase has reached 13%. Have an optimistic ****ysis personage thinks even, Apple shares is expected to exceed $900.

Apple Corp has a market value of $600000000000, at $608000000000, far more than second Exxon Mobil Corp. Apple last highs in April of this year 's record of $644 a share, at that time.

The industry attention a new generation of Apple mobile phone and improved flat computer when available. A new generation of Apple's mobile phone market widely in September may sell, the mobile phone has a larger screen and data update system.

In the apple stock price rising drive,dab5d55ck the NASDAQ 17 index rose concussion, up 14.20 points, to close at 3076.59 points, or 0.46%. The standard & Poor's index rose 2.65 points to close at 1418.16 points, or, for 0.19%, near four year high.

But not all shares are shrouded in super high price under the aura of Apple Corp. " Mask " ( Facebook ) shares 17 continues to drop, the decline range reaches 4.13%, closing only $19.05, below the $20 mark, than a $38 public offering price has fallen by half.

" Facebook " before the listing was subjected to the investors, had continued to increase market size, become the United States of America history the scale biggest Internet Co IPO case. Market ****ysts generally believe, " facebook " stock market myth has gone.

" Facebook " shares in this week has plunged nearly 13%, show that many investors are selling " facebook " stock sell-off, specific amount to be known at the beginning of next week. Investors are now worried that " facebook " advertising revenue is expected.

The United States stock 17, overall performance is better, the three major indexes closed are slightly. Were used to measure the panic market degree of COBE Volatility index fell to 13.48 points on the day, to the lowest level in five years, showing the relatively ****le market confidence. But ****ysts warned investors still cir***spect.

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