the temperature

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LED automobile lamp application in automobile is more and more extensive, previously only luxury car, now also gradually in the car of senior promotion. Compared with traditional lamp, LED lamp has long service life, lighting effect is better and more beautiful appearance of the advantages, but LED lights a damaged part to whole replacement, leading to its high cost, generally 1000 to 2000 yuan. Therefore,dab5d63ck consumers in the choice of models of the time to consider their economic capacity, prudent purchase.

The current LED automobile lamp brake lamp, tail lamp, in turn lamp, reversing lamp, high brake lights and other lights have application. Its characteristics are also very obvious. First of all, LED lights than equal brightness of incandescent lamps to save electricity above 60%. In second, and has the advantages of simple structure, the luminous body is a semiconductor ( solid ), surrounded by a transparent epoxy resin sealing, good seismic performance.

Third: long life, the use of 10000 hours of decline was only 50%, average service life can reach tens of thousands of hours. Fourth: do not contain harmful metallic mercury, basically no radiation. But the effects of LED automotive lighting effect and long service life the biggest factor is the temperature, because the automobile headlight when in use, the heat emitted by the great, cause the surrounding temperature is very high, and the heat is not very fast.

While the LED make the car width lamp working temperature is below 60, when the temperature is above 60, LED becomes less ****le. So, if the car headlight surrounding temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the LED is easy to burn, and sometimes LED lamp base directly dissolved burning. For the most part use LED lights of vehicles, if the diode is badly damaged more need to directly replace the ***embly. At present, the replacement of a LED lamp at the price of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan between, is the traditional lamp several times.

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