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" This will give the solar energy industry development brings new opportunity. For such as we got on the A shares of solar energy enterprises, it is a major positive. " Yesterday, in an " international finance " reporter the telephone interview, Oriental Sunrise director and deputy general manager Li Jun said. But he also worried that, solar water heater industry should seize the opportunity to accelerate the transition energy subsidies policy, explore the development of ****e industry.

Policy to stimulate the market potential

Nearly a month since, solar thermal market has ushered in the good. In May 16th, the State Council p***ed the " national basic public service system of the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " ( hereinafter referred to as " " " " planning " ): the policies of the central government allocated 36300000000 yuan for promotion, energy-saving appliances, lighting,energy-saving cars and efficient motor products in four categories. Among them, in the energy-saving appliances, central policy arranged 26500000000 yuan of funds.

" As a clean energy solar water heater, although is the first in the promotion of energy-saving products such as home appliances consumer policy, but occupies a large share of. " Huo Zhichen says, 26500000000 yuan for energy-saving appliances subsidies policy, solar water heater accounted for more than 15%. According to according to the newly published subsidy rules, efficient solar water heater for 100 yuan -550 yuan / taiwan.

" Because the solar energy grade difference,dab4d61ck subsidy amount is also different, if each solar water heater average subsidy 400 yuan, 4000000000 yuan subsidies to 10000000. " Huo Zhichen said, " while the 10000000 solar energy demand will give the development of the industry of great ****e. "

Transformation and looking for new growth pole

However, the reporter understands, for solar terminal, rural China has been solar water heater the largest single market, but from the beginning of 2011, along with the policy of stimulating effect weakened, the solar market slowdown, saturated. China Renewable Energy Industries Association director Zhu Junsheng said, " the industrial development also needs to further search for new growth way and growth path. "

To this, Li Jun thinks, city of solar energy engineering is one of the future market potential. " From " a number of provinces and cities nationwide issued 12 housing following the mandatory installation of solar water heaters and policy ", " national large-scale public buildings energy transformation key city launched the pilot "policy, solar energy and solar thermal product development of city road map has sketched out. "

The new development path, one investment person told this reporter, solar energy future in the end, to seize City, must occupy the high-end. " This will require the enterprises to accelerate innovation, from heat use manufacturer to solution providers, energy services business transformation and upgrading. "

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