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Kiss between lovers, is intimate simple action, but this seemingly insignificant little action, but contains many interesting scientific knowledge. In the United States of Seattle, they e****lished a special " kissing school ", from " kissing expert " to teach people to correctly understand, better use the kiss kiss. " Life and times " reporter recently interviewed " kissing school founder, American education ", Li, Peter Finch, teach the reader better.

Kissing need to learn

Although the vast majority of the world lovers kissing skills are learned without teacher or self-taught, but experts agree that kissing need specialized learning. American writer *** education by Vela Blue in her book " how to kiss " pointed out: " through the study, and every time you kiss will kiss his ( her ) heart. "

The reporter understands, this is the one and only kissing school was founded in 1998, 1800 people have already graduated from here. Each couple tuition at $475 a year, each instruction is the small cl***es, cl*** had an average of ten couples. Here, kissing is a complicated knowledge, including scientific knowledge and practice method. The cl***room was playing soft music, begins, students embraced each other, dancing, then kiss the forehead, face, lips are finally, kiss. The teacher often uses the calm voice, told the parti****nts every step of the way. Most students are sweethearts or husband and wife. Many learners that trip, learning to make them more intimate.

The knowledge about kiss

Nutley Bad told reporters: " for thousands of years, people kissing exploration has never stopped, anthropologists and biologists have discovered many on the science of kissing, in school we will be able to teach the learners. "

Kiss, the 34 muscles can work simultaneously, some control lip, some control of tongue.

Secondly, the kiss, the nose plays an important role. Before and after the kiss, the two sides not only the exchange of glances, also share the smell. Human olfactory mucosa in the possession of hormone receiver, they help determine the opposite *** is it right? " Suitable one ".

Again, a kiss is enough to life. Psychologist Gordon Gallop published a study showing: kiss, there are 5 pairs of cranial nerves from the lips, tongue and nose to brain delivery information, and then by the brain information processing, a kiss is enough to make a couple of confirming the development direction henceforth : toward a marriage or like a young man.

Finally, the majority of people kissing his head tilted to the right. Freud believes that the baby's sucking is kissing the direct origin. A study published in the journal " nature " the research report shows, most people kissing his head tilted to the right. This phenomenon may be due to 80% of the mothers used during lactation will the baby on the left side.

How to kiss performed more bar

To let your kisses more excellent, the reader can follow some skills.

Take a deep breath. Some people are kissing when breath, so it cannot be continued to arouse enthusiasm, also cannot kiss. Breathe deep, find out and your partner synchronous breathing rhythm, sense two people at the same time.

Maintain eye contact. Don't always close, e****lished visual contact, to two to bring energy.

Set some time. As often as possible to tell the other half, and you want him ( her ) a kiss every morning and before going to bed, kissing is good time.

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