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Buying a digital camera users have different needs, some performance as dominant, some by price is dominant, and buyers need to portable, fashion, cool and so on all kinds of demand. Different people have different needs, manufacturers will be launched in different grade and different performance of products to meet different consumers. Today's digital camera variety, is no longer a brand of a certain type of one alone big situation, consumers have more choices ****e. According to the side of a few friends purchase demand, to tell you how should the current digital camera.

Real users claim to teach you how to choose the digital camera.

Digital camera development today, variety is complete. Previously only for the ordinary consumer cameras as well as for the professional user SLR camera, and no more breakdown categories, only a number of different types of differences, now in the sale of digital cameras, have evolved a lot of subdivision of the categories, consumer camera besides the common digital camera and a camera, extension card telephoto camera, professional camera two consumption level, SLR camera is relatively ****le, still the main professional market, but also appeared a cheaper entry level products. In recent years digital camera the biggest change is the new single electric camera category.

Types and features of digital camera

In 1, card camera

Card camera

Card camera is one of the most common digital camera, is available in the market with the largest number of camera category, launch new products every year at least100market.dab4d59ck According to the users the most extensive introduction of categories. On the portability and ease of use, compact body, style and more and more fashion, with numerous fashion people 's taste.

Advantages: cheap, portable, high fashion design elements can be easily combined with. A higher degree of automation, easy operation, more interesting functions.

Disadvantages: sensor is smaller, the general quality, shoot low operability, does not favor the creation.

In 2, card telephoto camera

Telephoto camera card

Card card camera telephoto camera is a kind of optical zoom, but close to the traditional telephoto camera, the optical zoom in 15 times more than the product is widespread, and the key point lies in the fuselage volume control is very good, and not much larger than ordinary consumer cameras, prices are more reasonable, so in consumer camera category, this type of camera sales have been good.

Advantages: high practicality, portable compact, inexpensive, with manual exposure.

Disadvantages: sensor is smaller, the general quality.

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