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Power system communication support for digital power supply development

Brief introduction

The power subsystem is increasingly integrated into the whole system. Power supply system has been separate from the" essential risk device" into the monitoring subsystem. The current system has started to be a power subsystem to control peripherals to treat. The system can control the power system can realize a lot of advantage, such as energy saving, sorting and margin adjustment. However,system designers and design personnel must create their own user programs, because there is no industry standards as a guide. With the recent emphasis on NC power solutions, has the power subsystem standardization system communication solutions become more important.dab4d58ck The new PMBus ( power management bus ), communication protocol has been developed successfully, for the system and power supply system between the motherboard and the stent ( board-and-shelf ) communication. This paper discusses the use of PMBus design requirements. Will also examples discussed standard of power system communication solutions, which allows us to easily understand the advantage of PMBus.

Power supply solution of communication

SMBus is the first batch of power system communication industry standard a. Will the bus is defined as the intelligent battery system ( Smart Battery System, SBS ), i.e." access bus ( Access bus ) extension. " Access bus based on I2C bus address restrictions on. SMBus solution defines multiple host protocol, in order to meet the requirement of battery management. Multiple host requirements because the system host computer and battery at different times into the host state. The goal is to have the system: it can control by the system of smart battery electrode ( pole ), but still allows the battery" request" help and configuration charger. The definition also includes" bus protocol ( bus etiquette )", such as bus hog restrictions and other timeout ( time-out ). The agreement also solves many problems such as the user without the user, system notification scenario for the spontaneous cell open circuit. In order to strengthen the agreement, but also provides a data packet error correction ( Packet Error Checking ). The options in each of the communication data packet is included at the end of a single byte code PEC. PEC is a 8bit CRC ( cyclic redundancy check ).

Local power communication currently using another standard is the intelligent platform management interface ( IPMI ). Although not specifically designed for power communication, but in and power management relevant to many aspects of IPMI are useful to. As with SMbus, IPMI is also based on the I2C, but only supports a host write mode ( Master Mode Write ) rather than restart to change the direction of data bus. IPMI than SMBus for more conversation. Device request message or send a response. Communication data packets to the first portion is connected to header. The section includes the device address. The device receives the data packet and information, to identify the data packet function. The second part of the first packet is sending the packets to the device address, upspowermanufacturer.com then the command and data. Each segment is the last part of the checksum, to help detect communication problems.

The PMBus special interest group ( SIG ) has chosen to remove SMBus1.1 as the communications protocol used. As part of decision-making, PMBus SIG joined the SBS organization. In addition to public bus, power supply and battery management have many common interests. PMBus is through the use of a single host to simplify protocol.

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