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Fast face-lift10coup against the face fat

The face will upset you so? These fast face-lift10coup let you no longer worry! To give it a try.

In 1, the ice towel on the face

If you get up in the morning when you find yourself facial edema, relaxation, available ice towel surface to a first aid. The soaked water towel on the face,dab4d56ck can not only refreshing spirits can also reduce swelling, then some emergency small mask, let face quickly to restore the original compact.

In 2, the tight Yan m***age bed

At bedtime, maintenance, whether you use what kind of cream, should learn to do lymphatic m***age. Key is pressed two points: a bone above, namely to open his mouth when the concave place; one in the ear ( below about just below the earlobe ), press down will have a sour feeling.

In 3, shout" ah"

Facing the mirror, the mouth was" ah" open, chin down for about 10 seconds, the action is repeated 3 times. This posture is able to exercise the chin and cheek muscles.

Around4, Mr.

Lips closed lips, first to the right handers, hold for 10 seconds, then to the left as10 seconds left, the two sides take turns over 3 times. Begin if not used, might as well with the eyes together around conversion. This small action can strengthen the cheeks and mouth muscles, help chubby little cheeks quickly disappear.

In 5, the tip of the tongue gurgle

The tip of the tongue in the mouth by up and down around the inner lips, clockwise stimulation of acupoints, over 3 times in a row. The tip of the tongue to stimulate the inner lips of the muscle, can help eliminate decretal grain, so that you no longer" hanging cheeks"!

6, pinball face-lift method

Sooner or later, after washing the face do not dry with a towel, gently pat face dry. Pat later we usually used to play small marbles in the face of rolling back and forth, where the meat on the roll where, for less than a month will disappear automatically.

In 7, salt deposition eye

In 500cc,40 degrees warm water adding a teaspoon of salt, stir evenly, the gauze soaked in saline, fully absorb the salt, and then folded into the appropriate size of gauze, deposited in the eyes for 20 minutes. Using the principle of high osmotic pressure, water will be from low to high drainage, the water discharge. Note that, before the hot compress foretaste temperature, avoid high temperature harm to the skin.

8, drink black coffee

After eating breakfast, drink a cup of natural black coffee, about 30 minutes to 1hours later, you can see his face swollen disappear. Natural black coffee contains caffeine has diuretic, accelerate the consumption of body heat, so it can quickly eliminate the swelling of the face, especially the effect of eye puffiness.

In 9, bath face-lift method

We all know that heat bath is the best way to lose weight, the same temperature bath also let you can be thin face. Every day you can in38 ℃water in a sit in the bathtub shower, water depth of heart, and in line with the thin face frost facial m***age, bath time to 20minutes is the best.

10ring, ****y food and snacks

Want to maintain a perfect face curve must pay attention to facial swelling! One not careful you might let you tried to keep face curve disappear. So the dinner, should avoid as far as possible is ****y and salty food, snacks to prohibit.

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