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In order to meet the demand for LED, IR recently, LED bulb replacement lamp lighting and other non isolated LED driver applications, introduced a new high voltage regulator control IC -- IRS2980. IRS2980 is the company in a high voltage LED driver IC series first product,dab4d55ck nominal value is 600V, and the use of hysteresis loop average current mode control, achieve the accurate current regulation. The new LED buck drive contains a high voltage internal voltage and high side current sensing of MOSFET low side driver. Pulse width modulation converter is compatible with an electronic light adjusting, current control cover 0 to100%.

Pan Dawei further pointed out that, relative to other non isolated LED driver applications, solutions, the new IRS2980to lower system costs improve efficiency. Using SO-8package IRS2980, with integration of the latest high voltage level shift and terminal technology IR advanced high voltage IC process, can provide top electrical overstress protection and higher field effect reliability.

Digital power supply control method to solve many problems

Basically, LED replacement lamp driver, mostly adopt the step-down switching regulator mode. Rom Electronics ( ROHM ) points out, want to let LED in the fixed luminance under conditions of light, must install executable constant current control LED drive IC. In general, usually by step-down switching regulator mode. This is because the traditional way can cause voltage input / output voltage change is too large, and according to different application conditions, may also need to design power supply module.

When the input voltage changes in the frequency of a voltage, AC ( after full-wave rectification:100Hz-120Hz ) causes the input voltage ripple, at this point, the brightness of LED will become un****le. If you want the input voltage ****ility, it is bound to the power supply module design with some ingenuity. When the input voltage changes more big, must according to the light source output voltage ( LED tree ), altering the outer parts of the constant, it resulted in a power module style increases, our design work.

In view of the above question, by Rom R & D BD555AKFV system using digital power supply control method, without the need to increase the external parts, as long as the detection coil current, can solve this problem. Application of digital power supply control method, regardless of the input / output voltage value is reached why, to control the LED average current target. This method is the coil current sampling ( A/D conversion) and digital, then according to the sampling data, computing the peak current value, so that the LED average current current to reach a ****le target. Then, the calculation results for D/A conversion, and feedback to detect peak current comparator.

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