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2012May global LED light bulbs retail price keeps balance basically

Instead of the traditional40 watt incandescent bulbs commodity original price ****ility to increase new items

LEDinside said, instead of the traditional40 watt bulb May LED international average remained at around $20.8, the original area of commodity prices have remained ****le or showed a slight downward trend, but the month of new items and prices generally high relatively more. Japan price appears about 4% rise, the average price of US $21. The original items little floating price, but due to the exchange rate to fall to fold rise, the region is replaced with40 watts of goods part of the emergence of new products.dab4d53ck South Korea and the United States of America area commodity price rise, the main reasons are high for new product price, overall fold. In addition, the British and German region is replaced with40 watts of average commodity prices are about 13% and9% down, two original commodity prices steady slide.

Instead of the traditional60 watt incandescent bulbs global commodity prices vary greatly

Replace 60watt incandescent bulbs LED light bulbs products, in May the global fold change is not obvious, showed only1% down slightly. Korea area reached about 9%, the largest decline, the average price fell to $28.3. The main reason for this area the aggravation of the market compe***ion, and won the exchange rate to rise in the overall decline in prices. British regional price appears about 6% down, mainly because the original item prices, while the region this month the new products. The United States in May price change is not obvious, only about 1% show a slight decline. In addition, Japan area instead of 60W commodity price rise in3.6%, the original product prices remained ****le, while new product price high. This month the new join replace60 watt commodity price statistics of the German area whole sell at a higher price, average price reached $36.7, second only to the area of the uk.

Retail price gradually hasten is ****le high-order products will start the next wave of price war

2012May global regions commodity prices have remained ****le, replacing the40 W and60watts of commodity prices had not obvious change. The original area of commodity prices remain ****le or declining trend, and the new items generally increased, and to a certain extent, boosting prices. Two factors contribute to the overall price volatility is not balanced.

LEDinside says, from 2012since February, the global LED light bulbs retail prices started to stop the decline trend, and gradually ****ilized. To May, the price war has largely subsided, replace sb. Is the high performance products in the proportion of promotion and marketing efforts to strengthen the. Various regions have introduced the upgrading or adding new features such as the light bulb, energy saving efficiency or with light modulation function. The first-line brand manufacturers also with new properties or high-performance for the campaign, aimed at increasing consumer awareness and market acceptance.

Because the LED light bulb manufacturers try to enhance performance and specifications of different direction, LED bulb average retail price is expected in the short term will not decline, but maintain a period of ****le or slightly fluctuating period. However, the long term, the LED price glides ceaselessly, and LED bulbs manufacturers is also increasing, so when the optical type and high efficiency products gradually popularized, by the end of this year will restart another wave of price compe***ion.

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