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Many large enterprises and hospitals because of high efficiency and energy saving and low carbon and environmental protection, being widely used for LED lamps, but in ordinary consumers has not gained popularity and recognition. Most families do not accept the LED lamp because the price is more expensive,dab4d52ck but considering various factors, LED lamp price than ordinary energy-saving lamp is much higher.

The first health environmental protection, LED lamp does not contain common lamp contains harmful elements such as mercury and lead, to recycle. While the light with ultraviolet and infrared radiation produced less, fewer, more conducive to human health. Secondly, the ordinary lamps are AC drive, will produce a strobe, and LED lamp is a DC drive, no stroboscopic, is conducive to the protection of the eyes, for children learning at night, do homework have protecting eye effect. In addition, in energy conservation, energy consumption is only white LED lamp incandescent lamp energy saving lamp1/8,1/2, power consumption compared to other bulb for lighting can save 50% - 80%, while the service life is much better than other ordinary bulb life much longer, for common household lighting is " put things right once and for all".

Ordinary household energy-saving lamps because of high switching frequency, easily lead to filament bulb blackening, overheating, so the service life is not long," energy-saving does not save money". While LED lights from the selection put an end to the heating defects, basic without taking into account the heat problem, at the same time, it also supports the high frequency switching, so many residential corridor lights will choose LED lamp. In fact, not only is the corridor, in his own porch lamp using the LED lamp is also a good choice.

The author understands, now LED lamp can be applied to various lamp type, consumers do not need to worry about the LED lamp shape will not look good, and their own home furnishing decoration style does not meet such problems.

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