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A fast DC charger

The United States is landing electric car market, the chargers to20 minutes for the electric vehicle with80% n. The future promises to consumers at low prices in a few minutes the electric vehicle charging, and electric energy storage is the key of realizing this goal.

Quick charger is undoubtedly the development of pure electric vehicles is facilitated, but electric car charging peak period is very likely to power grid

Enormous pressure,dab4c52ck if the electric vehicle charging business choose to use high price peak electric charge, one day will cost up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the development of fast DC charging station, must avoid the peak charging problem, because electric cars now in rapid station charging will consume50 kilowatts, is" slow" charging station power consumption15 times.

In fact, since DC charger program since the launch of the battery manufacturers, is committed to the development of the power grid pressure smaller battery products. For example, the United States of America electric car service 350Green has begun in Chicago development of lithium ion batteries

Quick charger, and South Korea cooperation, e****lishment of intelligent grid center, which includes280 Chicago AC and fast charger installation work.

At the same time,350Green has built a battery package ***embly plant, with a view to electric vehicle charging industry extends to the u.s.. 350Green CEO ( Mariana Gerzanych ) is introduced, the relevant battery products from Chicago Illinois Polytechnic University ( Illinois Ins***ute of Technology ) and under the AllCell technology company ( AllCell Technologie ).

Mariana says, 350Green battery pack ***embly is not limited to a specific battery supplier. In 2012August,350Green battery ***embly plant will be put into operation, the annual battery pack ***embly amounted to 3000000000000.

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