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Vigilant LED lighting light photovoltaic industry of old road

Photovoltaic industry has been over various rings, from the industry itself, it can not bear the heavy, but in the capital and local governments more favor, some find north. While the LED lighting industry also appears to be ***ociated with the original photovoltaic industry collect myriad dotes on them. Nowadays, the photovoltaic industry to be immersed in predicament," winter" long. Photovoltaic industry is facing abnormalities in the development of the situation, the United States of America" double reverse" survey weight, heavily dependent on government subsidies, overcapacity, enterprise difficult to continue, the" original sin" led to today's industrial predicament, and LED industry seems to tell similar stories. LED lighting industry how to walk like each one step, avoid light volt industry old, the industry is worth vigilance and ponder.

Alert breeding policy on inert

Photovoltaic industry a large number of horses, in addition to the investors of the enterprise profit-driven mentality, some local government performance anxiety. Although it is difficult to say whether because of the government's excessive doting, led to the photovoltaic industry was born deformed. But the subsidy is a "double-edged sword", in the promotion of the development of photovoltaic industry at the same time, also in accordance with market rules restrict the" independence" of important factors in the development of.

Recently, the State Council once again focus on LED lighting industry, will take out 2200000000 yuan to promote, for the energy saving lamp and LED lighting industry is undoubtedly a good news. And this is LED lamp is first obtained clear policy support, means that LED lighting the national focus on the development of the energy industry, the future will certainly get more support and attention.

However, lighting market so large state subsidies can really promote the development of the whole industry is not entirely?. Although the emerging industry needs government support, but also can not blindly rely on policy to stimulate the market. Excessive government support policies will also have the side effect caused by the development of the enterprise itself, inert. After all,dcb4a51kk in the sugar bowl in the growth of enterprises is difficult to bear a dangerous situation of fierce international compe***ion.

Now, LED lighting companies can no longer rely on government subsidies, should be better to plan for future development route, realize the modular, alternative and standardization, reduce cost in order to correctly guide the LED development direction, to create a new prospect of market of LED industry development. At the same time, the government in the introduction of related support policies at the same time, should alert the individual enterprises to seek policy loopholes, or breeding policy on inert, in order to ensure the effective implementation of policies, and achieved good results.

Vigilant capacity and financing surplus crisis

Chinese photovoltaic industry" like a swarm of bees" type development way is also the cause of winter season is important reason. The industry is well known, the LED industry also is attracted all the forces to attack and has the strong trend, already became the private equity and venture capital industry is one of the most favored. But whether this is a good news, remains to be time research.

According to statistics, in 2011a total of 7 domestic LED industry enterprises in stock market A achieve IPO, ***ulative financing amount is 3625000000 yuan, the average single enterprises financing 518000000 yuan. From the market distribution, of which 5 enterprises land do poineering work board, the other 2are in the small and medium-sized enterprise board listing. 2012 while still has a number of companies listed on the line up. These business expansion scheme aspiring, funds raised by almost invariably used in capacity expansion project and the extension of industrial chain, in the LED industry chain ends, but not in the core technology.

According to the Guangdong light lighting Ins***ute of statistics, from last year to the first quarter of this year listed12 enterprises in the 2011 annual performance report shows, only the ground and the construction of two photoelectric photoelectric maintained growth rate increased slightly, the other 10 companies have varying degrees of decline rate. Among them, in2010 operating income has maintained a growth rate of 234% rectangular illumination, in 2011 operating income growth rate of only 57%. Million science and technology achievement even zero growth.

The personage inside course of study points out, if the core technology" short board" status was not reversed, LED enterprises listing and financing brought immediate results may be excess capacity, and can further release, compe***ive pressures will intensify, shuffle tide peep.

While enterprises blind construction, extensive expansion, doubling the capacity increase; side downstream is sold not free, trade surplus. The m***ive influx of hot money , but was cold market, caused by overheating of investment, the price glides ceaselessly. Apparently, overheated investment in the LED industry secret worry is heavy.

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