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Don't look down on the rice washing water, washing water is a treasure. Rice water to wash the dishes can be used to wash up. Long term adhere Taomi Shui face and hands, will make the skin become smooth, elastic.

The first step, rice washing water not to fall over,ocb1d2ccan make water precipitation while, take the top layer of clear water wash work.

The second step, in order to achieve a better effect, we use bamboo charcoal sponge dipped in washing water, in the face m***age, bamboo charcoal adsorbing dirt ability, thus can suck out the skin deep dirt.

The third step, used washing water after washing the face, we still have a magical beauty skin care items, is the corn grain! But the skin a good helper.

The fourth step, the corn grain crushing, with cotton wool for facial m***age, you'll find out, corn grain in the face m***age process is very magical, is also very comfortable.

The fifth step, all the cleaning and peeling after work, don't forget to follow-up care, apply toner is necessary.

The sixth step, if you don't feel good, can give the eye can be a simple nursing work, an eye mask, and make eye skin and facial skin permeability, but also to avoid the black rim of the eye is too obvious.

Finally, then apply the essence and emulsion, so we Shui wash + corn skin will be accomplished! Is it right? Have a look skin permeabilization of hydra.

Tips: rice water wash way has very much exquisite, daily washing time, throw the first water, leaving second Shui, it slowly clarified, and above the water to wash face white and delicate, variable.

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