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Baby stroller, baby favorite walking traffic tool, is the mother with a baby in Shangjie when shopping for necessities. However, according to the growth of the baby stroller, usage, and can be divided into many types. Mainly according to the load weight, the general test standard of nine to fifteen kg. The general infant car about can be used for four to five years.

Baby carriage - types of models

Baby carriage

In general, the Asian market (from Japan or Taiwan) baby stroller into type A and type B two categories. A type vehicle in the baby 2 months, the head can be supported by; B type vehicle in the baby 7months, can sit well with. No matter what kind of style, are available to about 2 years old. Each one has his good points. Two car, model A car suitable for going out for a walk, B road for tram ride or go shopping.

A type baby carriage

The baby may be lying in the car, even if your baby to sleep without fear. As the wheel is larger, the ground has less rugged bumps, baby sitting may feel very safe. If the direction of a handle can be switched, then can also watch the baby 's face to go out for a walk. But this kind of car is heavier, have accounted for the local.

B type baby carriage

This kind of car is small and portable, simple operation and convenient handle, turning. In the narrow p***age shops or crowded places shuttling back and forth. After package even in the tram also do not take a place, can be placed in the trunk of a car, a journey time of great help. With the model A car is slightly narrower, seat, adju****le angle smaller.

Europe and the United States perambulator

The A type and B type baby carriage is Asia's specifications, has recently emerged in Europe and the United States and Asia made benchmark different strollers. This car can lie down, like A car, but like B car as easy storage. Europe has many stone road, so the baby carriage wheels are doing great and strong. The United States still available to two of the baby together by using the double stroller. Has also recently appeared round b***inet, ultra-lightweight umbrella handle car, also some families with more than one baby cart.

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