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The baby started instrument used for electronic organ

Many of the benefits of children learning to play a musical instrument, in a word, namely "study a few years, benefit for life".

However, experts remind parents: the music to lay a good solid foundation, please make a careful selection of children for musical instruments.

The electronic organ has the rich timbre, can imitate the nature sounds, and has an automatic rhythm, automatic chord and conventional musical instruments do not have special features, many curious children are naturally interested in it.

Many parents in the eyes, in the mind, in order to make the child can make progress in music, have for their children to buy a electronic organ.

However, this really is a big mistake in the children's learning to play a musical instrument. The reason lies in the following several aspects:

Children learning to play a musical instrument, is to lay the foundation

Electronic organ is a new electro-acoustic instruments, its models, features are not uniform. With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic organ still evolving, is difficult to be fixed for which a model. The instrument itself not stereotypes, can lay a good foundation for?

Children learn the electronic organ, often appear such phenomenon: a child after a period of study, has been able to skillfully manipulated his lyre and played some music, but, once for the other organ seemed to be at a loss what to do. That is because different manufacturers, different brands of electronic organ and its function, operation keys are not unified cause, especially when some children piano play the lower grades, if encountered a higher grade of piano hardly. The electronic organ in the development of faster, more upscale piano will be rolled out ceaselessly, in low-grade dulcimer playing navigation, how to adapt to the high-end? The child parents think that children learn the electronic organ can be like learning piano and other musical instruments as laying the foundation for the future of the idea is unrealistic.

Electronic organ not stereotyped teaching material and teaching method

At present, sold on the market for electronic organ teaching materials are mostly based on the piano or the accordion the adaptation of teaching materials, is not very suitable for playing electronic organ. Because the electronic organ. Health is different from not only the piano, but also differs from that of the accordion. The piano keys hard, the voice of the size, the sound quality is the same player methods to touch the keys directly; Accordion keys and although the same electronic organ accordion sounds almost, but the size and color in addition to the player hand control and also by the bellows to restrict.

These two instruments while the electronic organ is a instrument, but the former in touching the keys is a lot of knowledge, each etude are focused, are targeted to a certain extent. One Etude may be in response to the fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, forearm, arm, a little while writing, need for piano learners in the course of practice experience gradually and grasp. Through to these etudes day in and day out of practice in the course of time, will have a correct sense of touch keys, also have a saying" Kung fu". While the electronic organ because the keys too soft, and dynamics, timbre and so do not care about the hand control, so, while practicing the same tune, not to play due role, reach the goal of the training.

Many parents thought that use these tips: Piano, accordion and similar materials, learn the electronic organ can be for future learning piano, accordion foundation, it is a kind of misunderstanding. Study of the electronic organ if want to learn the piano or the accordion, in addition to music helps, key touch feeling is almost equal to zero, but also to learn from the beginning.

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