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In early 2009, the world well-known publications that " China is the world's factory, but it 's top companies still fail in an examination, a very strange". This article is based on Huawei Company and write, now on the Chinese automobile brand development present situation, but also lose to. Two years ago, in the relevant state policies to stimulate, Chinese car city flourishing, BYD brand expansion. But this downturn car city, let these bright under the representation of problem have discovered.

In this special subject, small make up people from Chinese strong copycat field proceed with, take inventory of all of these in the shape of logo,, all the major suit are" deja vu". Chengdu show, Sichuan gas carrying its brand - Mustang four car debut, with the Audi A4, the forester, Kia Chi run, Volkswagen Tiguan bus high imitation degree indeed people left. Just took office Chuan steam vice chairman, general manager Zhang Xin at the release ceremony that" Chuan steam horse to do China's own brand" the Lionheart, do you believe it or not, we are not.

Modeling of copycat

Beauty of the heart, the person all has. A woman is beautiful, man must lead, car to return. Let consumers love at first sight, fall in love at first sight, as major automobile brand styling designer unremitting pursuit. Have to admit that Europe and the United States, the Japanese automobile industry leader, domestic auto manufacturers and their gap is not a small. Under external forces laid siege to the situation, and in order to win yourself a ****e for one person, in recent decades, the domestic automobile manufacturers in the open for the spirit, greatly promote the Mr. Lu Xun's" take doctrine", thinking about international best-selling models, and will make only superficial changes, graft and transplant, performing another super imitation show.

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