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CES: Mobile Internet,3D bare eye starring debut

Cut fruit, tennis etc. these only in intelligent mobile phone on the realization of the function, now in the traditional home appliances -- TV can also be achieved. The exhibitors have this bring a new generation of intelligent television system, through technology, the TV terminal and intelligent mobile phone terminal together, users can use mobile phone replacement remote control, keyboard mouse remote control television, even through the sound of TV control.

With the wide application of mobile Internet, is more powerful, flat panel computer come out in succession. At the same time also led to the surrounding supporting products upgrade in succession, a Shenzhen company exhibited mobile phone, tablet computer mobile power. Such a6600 MAH capacity mobile power supply, can provide Apple mobile phone last week, was the same type of mobile power minimization.

In the industry have a saying,2010 is the first year of 3D,3D technology also is an emerging new technology, failed to enter the ordinary families, by 2012, as the 3D TV officially entered the popular drive. This exhibition, uncorrected3D sang the leading role.

The reporter understands, at present 65inch bore3D TV price of about60000 yuan, high prices for the naked eye3D TV is still dominated by commercial uses, it is difficult to walk into civilian areas. However, as the technology improved as well as the program source gradually abundant, the naked eye will become the trend of popular 3D.

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