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Use of" Bluetooth" technology, can effectively simplify the palmtop computer, notebook computer and mobile phone, mobile phone and other mobile communication between communication terminal equipment, but also can successfully simplify these devices and communication between the Internet, so that these modern communications equipment and Internet data transmission between rapidly became more efficient, as the wireless communication broaden the road.

I, Bluetooth profiles

The so-called Bluetooth ( Bluetooth ) technology, is in fact a kind of short distance wireless communication technology.

The Bluetooth logo said the popular spot, is the Bluetooth technology makes the modern some easily carry the mobile communication equipment and computer equipment, without the aid of cable can be networked, and can realize the wireless Internet, practical application range can also be extended to all kinds of home appliances, consumer electronics and automotive and other information appliances, composed of a huge a wireless communication network.

" Bluetooth" this name from the tenth Century Danish King Harald ( Harald Gormsson ) nickname. A pirate family Harald unified the Nordic countries become be split, Viking king of the United kingdom. Because he likes eating blueberries, teeth are often dyed blue, and won the " Bluetooth " nickname, at that time because of the color of weird because blueberries are considered not suitable for food stuff, so the love of new king also became the innovation and the courage to try symbol. In 1998, Ericsson company hopes to wireless communication technology can unite a standard and named " bluetooth".

II, the forming background of Bluetooth

Originally created by Ericsson Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth technology began in the Ericsson1994scheme, it is research in mobile phones and other accessories are low power consumption, low cost wireless communication connection method. Inventors hope for the communication to create a unified set of rules ( standardized protocol ), to solve the user mutual incompatible mobile electronic equipment. Before 1997, Ericsson this concept of contact in the mobile equipment by the manufacturer, discuss its project development cooperation, the results obtained support. The project was started formally in 1998.

In 1998May, Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and Intel company and five other famous manufacturers, Bluetooth headset in the joint development of short-range wireless communication technology standardization activities of Bluetooth technology, its purpose is to provide a short distance, low cost wireless transmission technology. The five companies also founded the Bluetooth special interest group, in order to make the Bluetooth technology to become the future wireless communication standard. Chip overlord Intel company responsible for the semiconductor chip and the transmission software development, Ericsson is responsible for radio and mobile phone software development, IBM and Toshiba notebook computer interface specifications for development.

The second half of 1999, the famous industry giant Microsoft, Motorola, three, Lucent and Bluetooth special group five companies jointly initiated the e****lishment of the Bluetooth technology popularization organizations, which lifted inside global limits a" Bluetooth" upsurge. Global industry to develop a large number of the application of Bluetooth technology products, so that the Bluetooth technology to show an extremely wide market prospect, and heralds the beginning of the twenty-first Century will usher in a wave surge high and sweep forward global wireless communication.

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