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HEDY suspected plagiarism HTC mobile phone design

" The Qixi brand H701 and HTC brand ' for S ' mobile phone almost as like as two peas, is cheating." A mobile phone user watching this the name is" Hedy / 7up H701" genuine mobile phone, so that one side. Recently, the netizen said the bid, HEDY holdings limited mobile phone production department (hereinafter referred to as" the 7-up mobile phone" ) was suspected of plagiarism HTC best-selling brand of mobile phone. To this, HTC said, if the product is being copied, not ruled out by the corporate legal department investigate the corresponding responsibility of enterprises. But industry ****ysts say, HEDY mobile phone plagiarism derived from recent shortage of funds to research and development, as well as a large number of mobile phone product executive turnover.

Reporter survey: like HTC 7up H701 configuration degradation

The copycat mobile phone industry, copied winds quite healthy, but has the appearance of superior also welcomed by the market of intelligent mobile phone, almost without exception will be copycat mobile phone manufacturers" de novo copy to tail". But the reporter discovered recently, copied winds with part of regular listed company can be spared. Recently, consumers have to information times mobile phone edition claimed, has listed the informal vendors had blatantly copied another international brand HTC best-selling products" to S" series of mobile phone.

According to the reporter, in the so-called" 3C products professional manufacturers ." "" HEDY HEDY" website ( mobile.hedy.com.cn ) was found on a section named" H701 " mobile phone, appearance resembles the HTC brand " to S" product. According to a reporter from the images found on the H701 mobile phone HEDY, except in the mobile phone on the forehead are labeled " HEDY" instead of HTC trademark, and HTC for S mobile phone looks almost as like as two peas.

But though the appearance is similar, but the connotation is far. According to official data show this already seven-up, listed in September 30, 2011 3.5 inches for the Android mobile phone, ( Android version 2.3 ) operating system, support for dual GSM cards, for a 2G mobile phone. But the HTC for S series is 3.7 inches, support for GSM and WCDMA standard, is a 3G mobile phone.

Subsequently the reporter in Taobao input" 7-up"," H701" keyword is found, a and HTC for S products are highly similar in the online sales of mobile phone HEDY well. In one shop, HEDY H701 mobile phone price is only 600 yuan. Stop wait until reporters, the site has sold a mobile phone 311. Another shop prices are similar, as reporters are sold 91 units. And in the same input online HTC for S mobile phone, get query high price of 2400 yuan, for 4 times the price of HEDY products.

The HTC statement: or legal liability

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