solar powered engine

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The first stage

( 1900 ~ 1920)

At this stage, the world solar energy research focused on solar energy power device,Gaosuibuyou Thailand but with the condensing means diversification, and began using the flat plate heat collector and a low boiling point working medium, device expands gradually, maximum output power of 73.64kW, the practical objective is relatively clear, cost is still high. Construction of the typical device : 1901, California in the United States built into a solar water pumping device, using a truncated conical concentrators, power: 7.36kW; from 1902 to 1908, in the United States built five sets of double circulation solar engine, using a flat plate heat collector and a low boiling point working medium; 1913 in Egypt, south of Cairo built by one 5 parabolic trough mirror composed of solar water pumps, each of length 62.5m, width 4m, general lighting area of 1250m2.

Second stage

( 1920 ~ 1945)

In this 20 years, the solar energy research work is at a low ebb, to parti****te in research work and the number of research project is greatly reduced, and the reasons for its fossil fuel m***ive exploitation and the occurrence of the Second World War ( 1935 ~ 1945), solar energy and cannot be solved at the time of the energy needs, so that the solar energy research work has received left out in the cold.

Third stage

( 1945 ~ 1965)

At the end of the Second World War after 20 years, some visionary who has noticed the petroleum and natural gas resources are rapidly diminishing, called on people to pay attention to this question, thus gradually promoted the recovery and development of solar energy research, and the e****lishment of solar academic organization, organizing academic exchanges and exhibitions, the rise again of solar energy research boom. At this stage, the solar energy research has made some significant progress, more outstanding have:

In 1945, the United States Baer laboratory research into practical silicon solar battery, for large-scale photovoltaic applications foundation;

In 1955, Israel Talbot in the first international solar heat presented at scientific meetings selective coating based theory, and developed into a practical black nickel selective coating, efficient collector has created conditions for the development.

In this stage there are other some important results, more outstanding have:

In 1952, the French National Research Center in the Pyrenees Shandong department built a power 50kW solar furnace.

In 1960, the United States Florida built the world's first applying flat plate collector heating -- ammonia water absorption type air conditioning system, refrigerating capacity of 5 tons of cold.

In 1961, with a quartz window in the Stirling engine available. In this stage, strengthening the basic theory and basic materials for solar energy research, has achieved such as solar selective coating and silicon solar cell, a technological breakthrough. Flat plate heat collector has the very big development, technology mature gradually. Solar energy absorption type air conditioning research progress, build a batch of experimental solar houses. The more difficult the Stirling engine and tower solar thermal power generation technology is studied.

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