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Brief introduction

Solar water heater to solar energy into heat energy, water from the low temperature heating to high temperature, in order to meet the people in the life, in the production of hot water use. Solar water heater in the form of the structure is divided into a vacuum tube type solar water heater and a flat plate type solar water heater, the vacuum tube type solar water heater is given priority to, occupy 95% of the domestic market. Vacuum tube solar water heater is composed of heat collector, water tank and related accessories, convert solar energy into heat energy relying mainly on tube. The use of hot water and cold water sinking tube floating principle, causes the water to produce the microcirculation and water to reach the needed. Vacuum tube working principle diagram:

Heat collection principle

One, an endothermic process

Solar radiation through the vacuum tube heat collection tube, is coated after absorption along the inner tube wall transfer to the water in the pipes. The water in the tube after absorbing the heat temperature, proportion is reduced and rise, form an upward force, cons***ute a thermal siphon system. As the water continues to move up and stored in the upper part of the water storage tank, while the lower temperature water along the opposite side of the tube is continuously replenished so move in circles, eventually FCL water rises to a certain temperature. Flat plate type water heater, is generally split water heater, medium in the heat collecting plate internal heat siphon circulation, solar radiation on the collector plate heat be transferred to the water tank, water tank through the heat exchange (jacket or coil ) can transfer heat to the cold water. Medium can also be through the pump circulation and heat transfer.

In two, a circulating pipeline

Domestic solar water heaters are usually according to natural circulation mode, no external power. Vacuum tube type solar water heater for in-line structure, hot water through the action of gravity powered. Flat plate type solar water heater through the pressure of tap water ( known as the top water power ). The solar central heating system adopts pump circulation. Solar water heater collector area is not large, considering heat loss, generally do not use pipeline cycle.

In three, the top water type using the process

Flat plate type solar water heater for top water method, vacuum tube solar water heater can also implement the top water works, water tank can be used for clamping sleeve or coil form. Top water work has the advantages of water pressure for the pressure of tap water, than the natural gravity pressure, especially the installation height is not high, which is characterized by the use of process water first tall hind low, easy to master, the user easy to adapt, but requires tap water to maintain water supply capacity. Top water works solar water heater than gravity type water heater cost, high price.

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