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Cooking tips:
In 1 previous sweet and sour pork ribs, the ribs marinated over fried. I love oil, but also worried that beginners will appear to have oil spill on the hand of fate. Therefore, using flat-bottomed non-stick cookware fried spareribs, the time a little bit longer, can make fried effect.

2 previously said, now I am used to good quality of soy sauce to the dish chromatically, instead of fried sugar, 1 problems, 2 is suitable for beginners to practice, 3 is good quality of soy sauce to the dish chromatically, the less effect than fried sugar inferior, but also convenient.

3 good quality ribs, instead of the ordinary spareribs. If the home 's machete, let the boss to help you chopped pieces.

The 4 steps ( 2), fried spareribs instead of fried, must be used in the fire slowly fry, don't worry, until the ribs tighten, then remove color brown.

In 5 steps ( 3 ), must pour boiling water, not cold water. Otherwise spareribs taste will not smell, taste is also hard.

6 this dish not too many ingredients, the most important is the sweet and sour ratio, beginners side edge taste, so easy to master the sweet and sour taste.

7 finally, collect soup step is critical, with fire, but the sweet and sour sauce is usually easy to paste pot, therefore, to shake the pot ribs, never in your soup, leave the cooking to do other things. The soup is thick, or get burned? Half a minute to decide the success or failure of ha.

1 first prepared with little fat ribs ( some people think this whole thin not tasty ), how many are prepared to eat what can be called master meat, cut good for you;

2 ribs adequate water and salt boil eight mature, it may be time enough electricity Fort cook;

3 remove ribs ( Tang Bei ), drain into the pan ( not too much oil, because fried ribs will out of oil, stir fry ), pour wine rice wine, soy sauce and stir into the pot, and then poured the soup, one should not pour too much, then fried, many cast fry several times, the last semi-fry sauce, add to your tastes sweetand vinegar, fried juice fast fashion plate.

Matters needing attention:
1 wine sauce can put some more,. After a little soy sauce must be placed, but not fried too long, because it's easy to paste pots, must not put msg;

2 must turn over to fry, so pork color will even look;

3 this approach is characterized by simple steps, and tasty. Also, more out of the soup can be cooked dishes, and sprinkle some chopped green onion can be drunk directly, it's worth.

Practice of various different characteristics, taste, high nutritional value, is also loved by the people, is a day.

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