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The imprint molding ( Die cutting )
We live in a range of printed matter, often with a circular or rounded corners or other irregular situation, this is when after printing press cutting molding effect. The cutting way is first loaded into a wooden model and then separated from the surrounding thin steel blade along the edge around, and then be immediately arotic post-pressure cut.

Intaglio ( convex ink printing )
Carving gravure is a relatively old printing, mainly fine print in the case of banknotes, securities, such as stamp.

Carving gravure printing and offset printing is very different, the contributions of up to approximately ten times, the peripheral line by hand carved on a zinc plate, and a narrowing of the external mechanical retracted original carved in a piece about eight of an inch on copper. The copper sheet is coated with some corrosion film,

because copper is hook word peripheral line, so to use manual rough body ground film scrape, and then use the potion image depth, finally still have to use a magnifying gl*** and a carving knife, patience will line edge, angle position fix, and a chrome plated, the plate will be accomplished.

In printing, this course will use a special gravure printing machine. It is the method of plate after the ink tank, and then by a flat steel plate scrapes the layout the excess ink, after a paper, excess ink and cleaning. The concave surface is filled with ink, on paper, the pressure of ink will be transferred to the paper, because the ink thicker, so they have a feeling of dry. If you do hit convex effect, increased pressure, not with ink, can be caused by fine letterpress effect.
The short version of the digital printing

Digital printing is processed by computer digital files directly printing, also known as computer direct printing, English is computer to press variable digital printing. Characteristics and uses: 1, suitable for print runs smaller copies, such as: hardcover tender, industry VI manual, paperback book journals, annual Yearbook, unlicensed food wine card, business card, business card printing, personalized

printing, digital printing for printing, plate making and saving cost but also meet the business or individual demand; 2, digital printing can be printed out of sheets of different personalized content, such as sheets of different name, customer name invitations printed letters, variable bar code printing and so on, which are the traditional offset printing impossible.

Essential factor
Conventional printing must have a manuscript ( original ), the plate ( plate ), the substrate, printing ink, printing machinery ( printing machinery ) five elements, can be printed. Below is the five printing elements are introduced in detail: Leave a Comment

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