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Action characteristic
Piezoelectric effect
Natural crystal has a special" piezoelectric effect". Defect free crystal crystal jewelry worn processed into a human body, and the generation of body friction can produce a weak electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic field has emotional ****ility, promote human energy concentration camp, relieve the pain of patients and tension, memory heal rate function. Such as the United States Ins***ute of praise highly " crystal therapy", is the crystal press in the patient wound site supplementary treatment.

Optical properties of
From the crystal optical properties, crystal is the three party system of uniaxial crystal are optical crystals, with three direction of the optical axis, when according to the azimuth precision cutting after considering, the direction of the optical axis will often have a certain concentration, light function, when the stimulus to the body a certain acupuncture points, can have a certain role of physiotherapy foreign reports, the crystal in treatment of children with fracture, ****** cancer are based on this principle.

From the point of view of biological geochemistry
Crystal with other gemstones, formed in a special geological tectonic environment, containing trace elements beneficial to human body, such as iron, copper, manganese, ***anium, zinc, nickel, drill, selenium, smoke crystal due to the formation by the underground radioactive exposure while retaining a small amount of radioactive elements ( content is minimal, is not harmful to the human body, but similar radiation therapy), these trace elements with the human body often friction along the capillary eccrine intrudes into the human body and promote the in vivo trace element balance, make each part of the body is more harmonious.

Quality grade
Natural crystal has no strict international cl***ification standard, the market has different definitions, here is not a strict industry agreed. The identification is based on not using a magnifying gl***, the naked eye observation results, mainly white crystal, crystal can also refer to other.

Green phantom crystal, red phantom
Various crystal / semi precious stones.
White crystal : a focused, concentrated, expanded memory function, is all energy complex, called the crystal king. Can the town house, evil spirits, block evil, purify the body, remove disease gas, hasten lucky lucky.

Amethyst: the development of intelligent, ****le mood, improve the intuition thinking, help, centralized power, increased memory capacity, and improve interpersonal relationship, give people the courage and strength. Representative high-minded faithful love, often as a couple of tokens of stone. Amethyst in western countries also represents "the guardian of love stone", can give couples, deep love between husband and wife, chas***y, honesty and courage.

Purple Citrine: symbolizes intelligence and wealth, in other words with Amethyst and Citrine double effect; can improve the sixth sense. A dissolve Sims effect. With the blending of two extreme energy function, the most suitable for partnership, parent-child communication, chief subordinates, couples, marital communication.
Charoite: main intelligence, inspiration, creativity, teaching people to be open, strengthen the appreciation of beauty.

Citrine: belonging to the rational body, enhance self-confidence, enrichment, main side money, ordinary people to bring a windfall, L. fortune crystal. Contribute to the mood is gentle, teaching people to follow the prescribed order of actual practice. Enhanced liver stomach and digestive organs, especially acid governance.

Phantom: nickname "ghosts mammon", because it is the color with the dollar is very similar, but changed its name in fact has attract wealth ability, so it can become business people's pets, helps improve thinking, open mind, with a fortune and a high degree of cohesion of the power of wealth, is the wealth, is the representative for hard to ac***ulate wealth. Strengthen the heart function, ****le emotions ( anger, tension, insomnia, delusions ). On the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, lymph glands, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory difficulties with auxiliary therapy effect.

Titanium crystal: crystal is a crystal grain ethnic groups, the most powerful energy, often the symbol of good fortune, wealth, such as Buddha blessing. General crystal with all the six main energy, finance, wealth, popularity, evil, health, villains. ( Note: physically weak or own gas fields empty, it is recommended not to wear )

Hair crystal: powerful, can enhance the momentum, bringing a positive ambition, drive, courage, strengthen one's confidence and resolution, can bring people the courage, can help the authority of projected energy, contribute to the leaders of the order implementation and execution. Move the main financial, wealth; can keep on the gas, bones, the nervous system has to help.

Red Rutilated Quartz: action, main financial wealth; can enhance the vitality, confidence, health. Adjustment of female hormones, help in the treatment of women's diseases, treatment of weak, hypotension, skin is not shiny, fragile and sensitive. Only through pain, blood reconcile, for hormonal disorders also has more effect.
Green Rutilated Quartz: (afterburner Rutilated Quartz ) prin****l is wealth, increase business, make work business prosperity, but also can promote the health, improve the person's horoscope.

Blonde Crystal: has the strongest energy, but lucky crystal, can promote health, luck and fortune solutions, strengthen, block evil force, give a positive ambition, drive, courage.

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