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Fundamentals of news:
Therefore, the S & P cut before the Spanish downgrade, the euro / dollar Asian city in early trading Friday ( October 14th) a moderate decline. Investors now waiting for this weekend's group of twenty meeting ( G20 ), in both France and Germany promised at the end of the month announced that the solution to the debt crisis, investors expect the meeting there will be good news.

Rating agency Standard & Poor's ( Standard and Poor ' s ) announced that, due to sluggish economic growth, fiscal austerity and private sector debt high, the Spanish long-term credit rating from AA down a level distance to AA, a negative outlook.

The G20 finance ministers and central bankers Friday would be held in Paris conference, to help find the debt crisis in the eurozone to walk out of predicament and reliable way, the debt crisis and evolution has ignited the related global economic recession fears will fall. G20 may after release involving the European debt problems, and on the Sa****ay evening local time held a press conference.

The French Ministry of finance sources, in two days during the conference, the eurozone debt problems than any other things are urgent, this meeting a pressing matter of the moment is to find that the euro zone to restore ****ility to the element.

With the crisis of the anxious mood upgrade, outside the euro zone ministers are expected to call a spade a spade. A non euro zone the people said: "the meeting is G20 Cannes ahead of the summit of the important nodes, and for the euro zone to exert pressure to provide valuable opportunities. "

Technical aspects:
Gold yesterday to close out with a line under the shadow of small line. Technically speaking, short bull is still expected to, yesterday the minimum to 1653.3 U.S. dollars / ounce, down 8.3 U.S. dollars, to close at 1666.20 U.S. dollars / ounce, or 0.26%, days of overall to shock upward, above the focus area 1680, investors should pay attention to the risk control position. Investors in the operation of the time suggested a more familiar with their own goods, but also can better grasp the market.

Today operation:
Gold 1660 near long, stop-loss below 1650, the surplus 16801700.

The parties agreed to Slovakia late on Friday approved the EFSF expansion motion, good euro, dollar index lower, market risk sentiment was boosted, gold and commodities higher. Prices rose above $1680 a pressure position, hit a new high of three weeks, to 1691.8 dollars.

New York commodity exchange gold futures market the most actively traded December contract closed at 1682.6 U.S. dollars an ounce, compared the preceding trading day to rise 21.6 dollars, go up 1.3%. New York time open quotation 1688.2 dollars, highest minimum $1691.8, $1673, to $1677.1, or 0.66%.

Asian markets opened yesterday to $1679, from $ 1670-1685 interval arrangement. Gold chart in MACD Hongzhu peep, bottom Jin Cha, but repeatedly Chonggao down, illustrate the above pressure heavier, investors can continue to pay attention to the gold could ****ilize above $1680, pressure 1700 dollars.

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