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Qiaobusi when resignation once indicated that he believed the apple is happiest the time which, most innovates also in front. Now we start to know that his these words mean anything. Qiaobusi has forged the apple, apple making for he most outstanding product. Apple all aspects closely unify: The chip, the hardware, the software, the industrial design, develops the platform, the strict control manufacture flow, the market marketing as well as the retail shop.

Apple this machine in makes and sales aspects and so on intelligence handset and plate computer is fruitful, but do not forget, the PC time only then just began the prologue. iPhone is promotes 4 years ago, iPad also is only before 1-and-a-half years only then issued, unifies the computer function in the product to become one tendency. Certainly, the technology can realize does not mean that must do this, which matter aspect doesn't the apple make in the choice appears the unusual autonomy. The latter PC time's product will far exceed the intelligent handset and the plate computer's category, but the apple will still be at the appointed time blooming. (article/Sina science and technology)

 When ?the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit? not yet fails to keep an appointment from iPhone5 disappointed leaves, a more discomforting news spreads - - Apple Company legend leader Steve ? Qiaobusi on October 5 to leave the world. This making apple empire ?the god? the same character, walked the short 56 year lives, the field while elapsed which to Qiaobusi to the utmost regretted, also will develop in the future to the Apple Company displays worried.

Looking over doesn't the global market, which To be listed apple perhaps have to relate so closely like this likely now the enterprise destiny with a person's decision-making. Although is unable to represent the entire apple the operation, but Qiaobusi individual factor has in the apple product design and in the enterprise culture e****lishment affects absolutely. In many person of eyes, Qiaobusi is the apple soul, the status does not have may subs***ute.

  In fact, the current Apple Company's product line walks Qiaobusi to decide the route nearly completely. iMac, IPOd, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, iCloud ......Qiaobusi advocated strongly that designs i serial products which and promotes, ?? will post the product concept the core. From the media player, the intelligent handset to the plate computer, each product becomes falls short of demand popularly greatly. Taking this into consideration, some ?the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit? is honored as the Qiaobusi time ?iJobs?.

 In some kind of degree said that what Qiaobusi takes to the apple to be most is right ?perfect? and ?the innovation? unremitting pursue. Under Qiaobusi idea instruction, the apple product outward appearance advocation brief design, in the function pays great attention the user experience and the user's needs. Specially in the technological innovation aspect, the apple throughout is maintaining industry in windvane's status.

  Because perhaps just has integrated Qiaobusi fine, nitpicking, spirited, pursue stimulation individual special characteristic, the apple has not been surrounded by the relative seal's software platform the hands and feet, the technical change which changes with each new day has not been p***ed another vehicle, has not travelled together the huge pressure of compe***ion to strike breaks down. The apple is individualistic not only has not become estranged the user, instead attracted in large numbers has supported the wholesale faithfully.

At the present, the apple already becomes the fashion, the innovation, the cl***ics, the perfect ****oun.  

 However, along with Qiaobusi turning around, whether the apple product line to continue to detain the huge user group to become the difficult problem. The other day some reports said that before Qiaobusi will die, has helped to e****lish a long-term apple product road map, Apple Company's board meeting mostly has concentrated on future product, but Qiaobusi has meddled at least in the future three year product hypothesis. Speaking of this point, the apple i series reserve product is sufficient, the short-term should not have jolts too much.

  But, is changing with each new day the scientific and technical circles, the Apple Company impossible depending on to sit idle and eat defends the field Wang Zhe throne. How to extend Qiaobusi ?i? family's lifeline, how to further promote the apple product in the steep compe***ion the attraction, how to satisfy ?the white powder on ripe apples or other fruit? the nitpicking appe***e, is the question which the Apple Company needs to consider.

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