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  , The South America is broadest by Brazil's hotel network, approximately 50. Countries and so on Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay have the youth hotel. Central South America's hotel sleeps the position to be few generally, entertains looks for a beautiful and serene place the exploration, the risk calendar wonderful back person who hires a pros***ute primarily. These hotels have the strong Latin character and style, are many when the hotel operator himself is the back person who hires a pros***ute who has fought many battles. Many hotels are the start in the back person who hires a pros***ute intercourse on the way or in the natural scenery scenic area. Central South America's hotel charge small advantage.

  Middle east country's youth hotel is generally direct or indirectly the rich Local government subsidization. In Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Arab unite are still long places such as country, Lebanon, Qatar to have the youth hotel e****lishment. And somewhat sets up as an attachment has the athletic field, the swimming pool, the fitness room, equipment quite good. The main user is the local member and is close to the middle east country member, the foreign visitor are not many. What only exception is Israel, this country hotel standard is very high, many American nationality Jew returning to homeland takes vacation when moves, the team are also many. Hotel world-wide domestic main scenic spot.

    ;The African Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa are equipped with the youth hotel. But Africa over the years as a result of reasons and so on economy and political turbulence, the youth hotel development comes under the influence, at present is more splendid by South Africa's hotel. Goes to Africa's back people who hires a pros***ute take to track down the natural ecology and seeking novelty as many.

in 1998 the summer, Guangdong Province travel agency took the lead the international youth hotel concept to introduce China, in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhaoqing has e****lished the Chinese first group of international youths hotel. As soon as this concept p***es through promotes, aroused society's widespread interest, the media has struggled the report, specially received general young people's welcome.   on September 6, 1999, the Chinese first youth hotel ***ociation - - Guangdong Province youth hotel ***ociation was founded officially.

Guangdong Province youth hotel ***ociation is the international youth hotel alliance (INTERNATIONAL YOUTH HOSTEL FEDERATION, is called IYHF) the ***ociate member, is also this organization present (represents) the unit in China's only members. To develop the youth hotel network quickly in China, the international youth hotel alliance also set up in Guangzhou has planned the office, was responsible to process the related national youth hotel development business, like network development, brand protection, training and propaganda promotion and so on. in 2000, Beijing Youth Hotel Association was founded.

Two ***ociation's e****lishment, promoted the China youth hotel network development greatly. At the same time, the depth the IYHF brand which is welcome the world youth symbolized that - - has the Pine and the small log cabin blue triangle, has completed the registration in China. The international youth hotel this has the near hundred year historical world-known brand to settle down finally in China.

  At present our country regional sixth branch have e****lished nearly 150 youth hotels. Formed initially has covered the nation main tourist city the youth hotel network. At the same time, China had several thousand to hold the international youth hotel alliance release HI card member. They realize ?line of Wan Lilu? diligently with own motion the dream. In them part of people already started the back to have the travel bag to take up jobs, to go out the entrance to a country the exploration seeking knowledge course.

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