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 The Huizhou Urban planning Committee formulates the plan demonstrated that the gold and jade East bead mausoleum wall has not planned the golf course project construction, in relevant position, what plans is the public green area. ?we have not approved the gold and jade East golf course project.?

The Huiyang area housing and city and countryside plan building office concerned person in charge Jin Yongshan said that this belongs to arbitrarily the operation construction. e Huiyang area liability of fault gives the statistical data demonstrated that until now the gold and jade East bead mausoleum wall altogether takes 665.78 Chinese acres legitimately. But the gold and jade East golf course land 678.16 Chinese acres, do not have the examination procedure completely.

  Reporter arrives at the Local government related Functional departments to interview afterward found that to the developer big area illegal ?the land-levying? the behavior, the locality various Functional departments not stops and punishes the record secretly blatantly.

  The place department displays ?calm?   Private constructs the golf course with the developer ?boldly? to compare, place department's performance ?calm?. When goes to September reporter to investigate, the local plan, the Environmental protection department had still not adopted any surveillance law enforcement behavior. ?we did not know that the gold and jade East is constructing the golf course.?

Huiyang area environmental protection bureau Assistant Commissioner Yao the sea gull said.   What is more incomprehensible, at this point, Huiyang area some leaderships still to gold and jade East golf course to be whether illegal ?leaves undecided?.   Th The deputy district head Liu Yi peak said: ?the gold and jade East does whether is the golf course not flattery, heard that has the hole is the golf course, the hole has not calculated the golf course.?

The Changhua fossil because of produces acquires fame in Zhejiang Linan Changhua. Is also our country most famous four big is seal stone it   One. The Changhua fossil mineral component by the clay mineral dikite primarily, often includes clay minerals and so on advanced age stone. Also often includes the complete alteration not to become the dikite the flinty quartz porphyritic crystal, degree of hardness is bigger than the dikite by far, in the craft said that it is ?granulated substance Ding?, for sculptor big death anniversary. Therefore, ?granulated substance Ding? how many immediate influence Changhua fossil quality.

  The Changhua fossil lithical relatively many granulated substance, compare the pagodite and the qingtian stone generally are slightly firm, and degree of hardness change is big. The quality of material was also inferior that the two are exquisite. But also has the quality of material delicateness and each kind of color steatite. The Changhua fossil color has white, black, red, yellow, the ash and so on each kind of color, the variety also subdivides very many kinds, many by color division.

If the white said that ?white Changhua?, the black or the gray mixed black said ?black Changhua?, the multicolor interaction calls ?flowered Changhua?. But in Changhua fossil, since old times until now, from the domestic overseas, most has the great reputation is ?the stone for lithographing three treasures? one ?Changhua soapstone?.

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