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Under Japanese government's support vigorously, the LED illumination industry growth is rapid. in 2008 the LED illumination has accounted for the Japanese illumination market proportion 0.8%, estimated that in 2015 will amount to 8%,2020 years to promote to 25%. date Asia, ToyodaGosei and so on to have the world influence LED Leading enterprise to emerge unceasingly.

The Japanese government in promoted the LED industrial development in the process to play the very vital role. As early as 12 years ago, Japan started to implement the impetus semiconductor lighting techniques development and the industrial production ?the 21st century light plans?, is in the world starts one of most early LED industrial policy national.

This article inquired into emphatically the Japanese most important LED industrial policy ?the 21st century light plans?, analyzes around this plan two implementation stage development center of gravity, summarizes it to develop the LED industry enlightenment to Guangdong.

First, the first stage promotes the technical research and development primarily (1998-2002) The request authoritative organization advances the plan implementation. Japan ?the 21st century light planned? (high efficiency electro-optic transformation compound semiconductor development) is in March, 1998 by the Japanese economical industry province (before was Ministry of International Trade and Industry,

METI) is the new energy and the industrial technology development organizes (NEDO, TheNewEnergyAndIndustrialTechnologyDevELopmentOrganization) to provide the subsidization, made concrete (JRCM, TheJapanResearchAndDevelopmentCenterForMetals) implements together by NEDO and the Japanese metal R&D center. The research and development work by the Japanese Electric lamp Manufacture Association and 4 universities, 13 enterprise cooperation carries on.

Looking from at that time the situation, Japan positively implemented ?the 21st century light to plan? mainly stems from three aspects to consider: First, to conserve energy, the LED product outstanding energy conservation effect can save the massive energy for Japan, this is also the most important reason.

Second, to reduce the platoon, once the LED illumination popularizes, every year will reduce 3,400,000 tons carbon dioxide, without doubt has increased a medicinal preparation strong heart needle for the Kyoto Protocol carbon withdrawal reduction. Third, is in the lead for the industry, the Japanese government tries to cultivate the native place LED industry the international competitiveness, maintains take the date Asia chemistry, Toyota synthesizes and so on companies as head's Japanese LED technology in the global leading position. Phase of plan key Journal of Propulsion Technology research and development. ?The 21st century light plans?

a phase of plan emphasizes the LED technology the basic research. During 1998-2002 years, Japanese government invests 5,000,000,000 Japanese Yen development white light semiconductor to illuminate LED as well as the new semiconducting material, the substrate, the luminous powder and the illumination lamps and lanterns and so on (see Table 1), realizes in 2005 to produce can substitute the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp's first generation illuminates ordinary the LED photo source. Japan already realized ?the 21st century light to plan?

the first stage goal. First stage goal's completion, has cast one batch of Japanese LED Leading enterprise's success to a great extent, they in GaN blue, domains and so on green light LED broke through one batch of industrial key and the general character technology and have around the world set up the patent network, since has formed this century Japan in the LED industry international lead.哮喘 For example, grasps extension piece manufacture material productions and the technique of manufacture and so on polycrystalline silicon,

silicon unit crystal and silicon chip world-known Japanese Enterprise has letter Vietnam, Mitsubishi two (with other two moral excellence enterprise MEMC, Wacker to control global 70% silicon extension piece market together); Masters the GaAS foundation plate technique of manufacture the Japanese Enterprise including the Hitachi electric wire, the Sumitomo electricity, the Mitsubishi chemistry, the letter and so on;

The one who masters the organic metal technology is the Sumitomo electricity; Masters the luminous powder related technology the enterprise to have basic special chemistry (Nenoto), to turn into (Optonix) and so on; Grasps the MOVCD equipment (to be named epitaxial furnace) the technique of manufacture Japanese Enterprise including the date Asia chemistry, Toyota to synthesize, greatly positive acid (Sanso) and so on.

Second, second stage construction and cultivation buyers' market (2003-2010) ?The 21st century light planned? is Japan was in the lead at the beginning of the century in the LED domain implementation technology the developmental strategy important measure. This plan hope through the technical continual breakthrough, in 2006 can realize with the white light LED illumination substitutes 50% traditional illumination, as well as the national electric power energy consumption reduces the approximately 10% goals.

But the LED illumination only accounts for the Japanese illumination market proportion in fact in 2008 0.8%, this has not been able to achieve the anticipated level as well as the market introduction application lag with the LED price fall scope has the very big relations. Therefore, the Japanese government adjusted ?the 21st century light to plan?

the second stage implementation center of gravity, changed the second stage primarily from the first stage's impetus technology research and development the construction and the raise buyers' market. The technical attack aspect more leads by the industrial field and the profession alliance, government's direct financial investment reduces gradually, the government hoped that through cultivates the market and strengthens the promoted application to open the predicament.

Therefore, in the plan second stage implementation process, the Japanese government adopted positively impelled the LED standard to set up, the tax revenue to drive that measures and so on LED product promotion application expanded the LED illumination market.

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