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Russian nanotechnology company chairman Anaa Tolley ? Chubais when with Russian Premier Putin meeting announced that ?the Russian first batch LED lamp (light emitter diode) at the beginning of September in Moscow and Shengbidebao's store going on the market, the first batch of quantity issued will be 30,000.? Anaa Tolley ? Chubais also pointed out that will recommend this kind of lamp on September 2, first batch will experiment the LED lamp promotes at the beginning of September in Moscow and the St. Petersburg two city stores.

The LED lamp's power is 60 watts, but the energy consumption is 12 watts. Anaa Tolley ? Chubais also said: ?The LED lamp's service life is 50000 hours, maintains the time is 3 years, if this period damage free will replace.? Russian nanotechnology company chairman pointed out that LED lamp's price compared to Western similar lamp's price low 1000 rubles. If the market had proven the LED lamp's competitive power, that in 2 years, LED lamp's price will reduce 20% to 25%. In addition, Anaa Tolley ? Chubais believed that possibly to 2014, each LED lamp's price will drop to 250 rubles, also perhaps is in 2013.

The other day, state president Hu Jintao came to Guangzhou light to inspect for the illumination science and technology Limited company. Period, the light introduced for illumination Chairman Zhou Tanyu to President Hu its independent research and development seal technology and the unique luminous powder match core technologies and so on powder, and introduced specially to president it uses COB the seal technology independent research and development the LED ball to soak the lamp, President Hu indicated should promote the LED ball to soak the lamp vigorously.

President Hu encourages ?the light is the illumination? Chairman Zhou Tanyu wants ?to insist that produces, studies, grinds unifies, the gathering more innovation talented people, solve the more technical difficult problems, has the more proprietary intellectual property rights, causes the product not only to win applause in the domestic market, moreover wins applause in the international market, adds the light for the Chinese. Guangzhou light founds for the illumination science and technology Limited company in July, 2007, this company concentrates the LED research and development, the production, the sale and the post-sale service establishes the 4S services structure for a body, the product widely applies in the LED road lighting, the LED commercial lighting and the LED landscape illumination and so on.

This company said that it mainly serves in LED the high-end illumination market, and by the Chinese brand status and world many countries and the local well-known enterprise cooperation, the product sells the global market.

Recently, the Japanese Street Street light Manufacture Company referred to the LED lamp easy move of winged insect, this company thought that the color temperature is higher, LED sends out the light is brighter, the winged insect is easier to gather.

This company pointed out that must cover the seamless transparent cover around the photo source, otherwise the winged insect is very easy to invade the photo source, creates the electrical failure, will establish a half year to present the breakdown. It is reported that what attraction winged insect is the wave length is the 340~350nm ultraviolet ray, but the LED street light provides in the white LED luminescent spectrum has not examined the above wave length the optical fiber, the attraction winged insect's reason still during the investigation.

In addition, this company had pointed out the LED lamp also has the radiation material to be heavy, the LED light bulb and power source's connection method, regarding the luminous efficiency and the light beam understanding, lightens the use weak electric current, thus is unable to use questions and so on fluorescence switch.

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