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The standard authentication namely with the certificate either the qualified symbol proved that a product or a service conform to the specific standard or the engineering factor activity.

  At present ?the authentication? in domestic and foreign has received the universal value. In the product design, the manufacture, the experiment, the sale, the use and so on the entire process, the enterprise felt more and more needs the third party help, guaranteed that the manufacture the product conforms to the recognition quality specification, enables the product to guarantee that enters the domestic and foreign markets, enhances the product the prestige.   Internationally, had many countries to establish the authentication system, has set up the authentication symbol.

  Our country has established ?the Chinese Electrician Product Authentication Committee? in 1985, in 1985 October authorized the establishment ?the Chinese Electrician Product Authentication Committee power tool to authenticate the test house?, has promulgated ?the power tool authentication regulation?.

  Every after authentication qualified power tool each kind of product, authenticates by the Chinese electrician productThe committee unifies issues recognizes the certificate card and the sign.

  The C Great Wall symbolized   In order to improve the power tool product quality, maintains the user the economic interest, the safeguard life security, enhancement power tool product in international market competitive ability, the original Ministry of mechanized industry, Ministry of Commerce, the National Commodity inspection bureau, the material bureau issued the notice jointly in May, 1986, decided that implemented the compulsion to the power tool product the safe authentication.

From July 1, 1988, to the electric drill, attacks the electric drill, the electric hammer, the electricity pickaxe, the electrically operated angular orientation polishing engine, the electrically operated handhold to the grinder, the mold electric flour mill, the electrically operated sander, the electricity circular saw, the electric shears, the electricity punching shear, the electrically operated tapper, the electricity dug straight, tortured electrically operated, the electrically operated compass saw, the electrically operated screwdriver and so on 16 products implemented the first batch of compulsion authentication.

  Every enterprise has the certificate of quality, on the product has the qualified symbol power tool product only then to permit the production and the sale.   The power tool product's authentication term of validity is 5 years.

Raises the technical level   For consolidated present already the market which seizes, further cultivates and develops the new market, from now on will pay special attention to the following several aspects to work with emphasis: Further improves the product quality, speeds up the new product development. Must key speed up the battery type power tool and the electronic control power tool's development specially, raises power tool's level and the product quality unceasingly.

  The production technology to the intensification, the flexibility, the automation, the specialization as well as the production cooperates to turn out complete units the network development. Should by decide the sign production, the neutral packing export way to change gradually exports own famous brand goods. Decided the sign production, the neutral packing production method to expand our country power tool to export the vital role fast truly, but this by no means long-term idea, because this operating mode was unable to set up the Chinese Enterprise's image, created own name brand, our country's some Production enterprise, only could be the processing factory which remained obscure, but the middle man actually gained the sudden and huge profits.

Moreover, decides the sign production to be often hidden the trademark right infringement dispute the hidden danger. In order to urge our country power tool foreign trade market healthy development, defends our country power tool profession the legitimate rights and interests, must certainly create own name brand diligently in the products outlet, gains the proper profit.   The comprehensive development power tool safe authentication and the electromagnetic compatibility authentication work, implements the power tool the export license, improves power tool's quality and the level unceasingly.

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