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The LED photo source domain's application, is the product which the semiconductor luminescent material technology high speed development and ?the green illumination? the concept strikes root in the hearts of the people gradually. ?the green illumination? is the overseas illumination domain the new concept which had not proposed in the 1980s, our country ?the green lighting engineering? the implementation began in 1996.

Realizes this plan important step is must develop and promote, the energy conservation illumination appliance highly effective, saves lighting electricity, reduces the environment and the light pollution, establishes one high quality highly effective, the economy comfortable, safe reliable, the beneficial environment lighting system.

LED illumination concept LED (LightEmittingDiode), also calls the light emitter diode, they use the solid semiconductor chip to take the luminescent material, when the both sides add on the direct voltage, in semiconductor's current carrier occurs compound, emits the surplus energy to cause the photon emission to produce the visible light. (one) LED historical development Tied the illumination source principle using semiconductor PN to make LED to be published in the early-1960s, in 1964 first presented the red light emitter diode, afterward presented yellow LED.

Until 1994, the blue color, green LED only then developed successfully. in 1996 (date Asia) succeeded by Japanese Nichia Corporation develops white LED.

LED by its inherent characteristic, like the province electricity, the life long, bears the vibration, the speed of response to be quick, characteristics and so on cold light source, widely apply in domains and so on indicating lamp, signal light, display monitor, landscape illumination, in ours daily life everywhere obviously, domestic electric appliances, telephone, dashboard lighting, automobile against fog lamp, street-traffic control lights and so on.

But because its luminance difference, price expensive and so on condition limits, is unable to take the general photo source promotion application. In recent years, along with people to semiconductor luminescent material research unceasingly thorough, the LED fabrication technology is unceasingly progressive and the new material (nitride crystal and luminous powder) the development and the application, each kind of color's superelevation brightness LED has made the breakthrough progress, its luminous efficiency enhanced nearly 1000 times.

The chromaticity aspect has realized visible light wave band all colors, the superelevation brightness white light LED appearance, caused the LED application domain spanning possibly to become most importantly to the high efficiency lighting source market.cheap fashion je welry Once some people pointed out that high luminance LED will be the humanity invents the incandescent lamp bulb after Edison, one of greatest inventions.

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