Noxious gas's

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(1) processes the technology capability. Material processing technology capability immediate influence to furniture's production. Regarding the lignin material, in the processing process, must consider it shrinks the bulge which is produced the moisture content influence, respectively to the different fission and porous and so on. The plastic material must consider its ductility, models the distortion hotly and so on. The glass materials must consider its hot shortness, degree of hardness and so on.

(2) quality of material and appearance quality. The material quality of material and the skin texture have decided the product appearance quality special feeling. The lumber belongs to the natural material, the texture nature, artistic, the image is lifelike, feel is good, and easy to process, the coloration, produces furniture's superior material. The plastic and the composition material have simulate each natural material quality of material the characteristic, and has the good pigmenting property, but it easy to get older, easy to be heated distorts, with this production furniture, its service life and the use scope is restricted.

(3) efficiency. The furniture material's efficiency the richness which including the material price, the material processing labor expenditure, the material use factor and the material originates. Although the lumber has merits and so on natural texture, but along with demand increase, the lumber stores up the quantity to reduce unceasingly, the resources are day by day deficient, with the lumber material quality close, the economical artistic material widely will use in furniture's production.

(4) intensity. The intensity aspect needs to consider that it grasps tries with anti-to divide the performance and the elasticity coefficient.

(5) incrustation performance. In the ordinary circumstances, the incrustation performance is refers to it carries on Tu Shi, the rubber to paste, the carving, the coloration, very hot, to iron and so on decoration feasibilities.

(6) environmental protection. The furniture material besides considered that above many factors, still also some not allow to neglect factor, that was the furniture material to the human body whether to have the dangerous release, this is similarly more and more consumers is choosing the furniture to want and the paramount consideration. For instance, modern beat whether to use the E1 level above plate, the adhesive whether there is noxious gas's volatility, the paint do use any sign and so on, together has reflected the consumers to the furniture material harmful emissions material care.

Along with the world log resources' day-by-day reduction, the humanity considered that other many may substitute the log is undisputable, but regardless of which material is, the environmental protection forever is most greatly popular.

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