LED lighting performance

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Lamp price war is becoming increasingly fierce, appearance, structure, function is almost the same as the product, price difference is 2 - 3 times, a lot of users can be confused mind, never spread from why and come, not the production of LED LED LED lighting manufacturers are difficult to distinguish, and consumers. Such confusion leads to market, consumers always have a blurred vision, feel at a loss. That caused such a large difference in price is the main factor which to have? Consumers judge the quality products should identify what basis?


Diffe rent quality is the key to life, life by light decision. Light, long service life, long service life, high price.

LED chip

LED luminous body for the chip, the chip is different, price difference is very great. Japan, the United States of America chip is more expensive, the factory and local Chinese manufacturers LED chip price is lower than the day, beauty.

Market ****ysis: LED lamps performance main factor to have?

Chip size

The size of the chip to length, large chip LED quality than the small chip. The price with the chip size is proportional.


< P>The ordinary LED colloid for epoxy resin, with UV resistant dab5d56ck and fire ******ant LED is more expensive, high-quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV resistant and fire.


LED luminance differences, different prices. For LED lamps LED should be consistent with the laser gradeⅠstandard.

The antistatic ability of LED, long service life, so the price is high. Usually antistatic greater than 700V LED can be used in LED lighting.


Wavelength LED consistent, consistent color, such as ask the same color, then the price of high. No LED by-minute color production business is very difficult to produce pure color products.

Leakage current

LED is a unidirectional conductive luminous body, if there is a reverse current, it is called leakage, leakage current in LED, short service life, low price.

Light angle

The use of different LED light emitting angles are not the same. Special lighting angle, higher prices. Such as the diffusion angle, higher prices.

the investors

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The American stock market be raging like a storm, both big winner, also have a big loser. Apple Corp shares the same day a record high, and " facebook " stock on the same day the history new low.

Apple shares 2 hit $648.19 high, closing time is still up to $648.11 in after-hours trading, and is still rising. Since July this year, Apple shares have been on the rise, the ***ulative increase has reached 13%. Have an optimistic ****ysis personage thinks even, Apple shares is expected to exceed $900.

Apple Corp has a market value of $600000000000, at $608000000000, far more than second Exxon Mobil Corp. Apple last highs in April of this year 's record of $644 a share, at that time.

The industry attention a new generation of Apple mobile phone and improved flat computer when available. A new generation of Apple's mobile phone market widely in September may sell, the mobile phone has a larger screen and data update system.

In the apple stock price rising drive,dab5d55ck the NASDAQ 17 index rose concussion, up 14.20 points, to close at 3076.59 points, or 0.46%. The standard & Poor's index rose 2.65 points to close at 1418.16 points, or, for 0.19%, near four year high.

But not all shares are shrouded in super high price under the aura of Apple Corp. " Mask " ( Facebook ) shares 17 continues to drop, the decline range reaches 4.13%, closing only $19.05, below the $20 mark, than a $38 public offering price has fallen by half.

" Facebook " before the listing was subjected to the investors, had continued to increase market size, become the United States of America history the scale biggest Internet Co IPO case. Market ****ysts generally believe, " facebook " stock market myth has gone.

" Facebook " shares in this week has plunged nearly 13%, show that many investors are selling " facebook " stock sell-off, specific amount to be known at the beginning of next week. Investors are now worried that " facebook " advertising revenue is expected.

The United States stock 17, overall performance is better, the three major indexes closed are slightly. Were used to measure the panic market degree of COBE Volatility index fell to 13.48 points on the day, to the lowest level in five years, showing the relatively ****le market confidence. But ****ysts warned investors still cir***spect.

the temperature

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LED automobile lamp application in automobile is more and more extensive, previously only luxury car, now also gradually in the car of senior promotion. Compared with traditional lamp, LED lamp has long service life, lighting effect is better and more beautiful appearance of the advantages, but LED lights a damaged part to whole replacement, leading to its high cost, generally 1000 to 2000 yuan. Therefore,dab5d63ck consumers in the choice of models of the time to consider their economic capacity, prudent purchase.

The current LED automobile lamp brake lamp, tail lamp, in turn lamp, reversing lamp, high brake lights and other lights have application. Its characteristics are also very obvious. First of all, LED lights than equal brightness of incandescent lamps to save electricity above 60%. In second, and has the advantages of simple structure, the luminous body is a semiconductor ( solid ), surrounded by a transparent epoxy resin sealing, good seismic performance.

Third: long life, the use of 10000 hours of decline was only 50%, average service life can reach tens of thousands of hours. Fourth: do not contain harmful metallic mercury, basically no radiation. But the effects of LED automotive lighting effect and long service life the biggest factor is the temperature, because the automobile headlight when in use, the heat emitted by the great, cause the surrounding temperature is very high, and the heat is not very fast.

While the LED make the car width lamp working temperature is below 60, when the temperature is above 60, LED becomes less ****le. So, if the car headlight surrounding temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the LED is easy to burn, and sometimes LED lamp base directly dissolved burning. For the most part use LED lights of vehicles, if the diode is badly damaged more need to directly replace the ***embly. At present, the replacement of a LED lamp at the price of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan between, is the traditional lamp several times.

market slowdown

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" This will give the solar energy industry development brings new opportunity. For such as we got on the A shares of solar energy enterprises, it is a major positive. " Yesterday, in an " international finance " reporter the telephone interview, Oriental Sunrise director and deputy general manager Li Jun said. But he also worried that, solar water heater industry should seize the opportunity to accelerate the transition energy subsidies policy, explore the development of ****e industry.

Policy to stimulate the market potential

Nearly a month since, solar thermal market has ushered in the good. In May 16th, the State Council p***ed the " national basic public service system of the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " ( hereinafter referred to as " " " " planning " ): the policies of the central government allocated 36300000000 yuan for promotion, energy-saving appliances, lighting,energy-saving cars and efficient motor products in four categories. Among them, in the energy-saving appliances, central policy arranged 26500000000 yuan of funds.

" As a clean energy solar water heater, although is the first in the promotion of energy-saving products such as home appliances consumer policy, but occupies a large share of. " Huo Zhichen says, 26500000000 yuan for energy-saving appliances subsidies policy, solar water heater accounted for more than 15%. According to according to the newly published subsidy rules, efficient solar water heater for 100 yuan -550 yuan / taiwan.

" Because the solar energy grade difference,dab4d61ck subsidy amount is also different, if each solar water heater average subsidy 400 yuan, 4000000000 yuan subsidies to 10000000. " Huo Zhichen said, " while the 10000000 solar energy demand will give the development of the industry of great ****e. "

Transformation and looking for new growth pole

However, the reporter understands, for solar terminal, rural China has been solar water heater the largest single market, but from the beginning of 2011, along with the policy of stimulating effect weakened, the solar market slowdown, saturated. China Renewable Energy Industries Association director Zhu Junsheng said, " the industrial development also needs to further search for new growth way and growth path. "

To this, Li Jun thinks, city of solar energy engineering is one of the future market potential. " From " a number of provinces and cities nationwide issued 12 housing following the mandatory installation of solar water heaters and policy ", " national large-scale public buildings energy transformation key city launched the pilot "policy, solar energy and solar thermal product development of city road map has sketched out. "

The new development path, one investment person told this reporter, solar energy future in the end, to seize City, must occupy the high-end. " This will require the enterprises to accelerate innovation, from heat use manufacturer to solution providers, energy services business transformation and upgrading. "

brain informatio

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Kiss between lovers, is intimate simple action, but this seemingly insignificant little action, but contains many interesting scientific knowledge. In the United States of Seattle, they e****lished a special " kissing school ", from " kissing expert " to teach people to correctly understand, better use the kiss kiss. " Life and times " reporter recently interviewed " kissing school founder, American education ", Li, Peter Finch, teach the reader better.

Kissing need to learn

Although the vast majority of the world lovers kissing skills are learned without teacher or self-taught, but experts agree that kissing need specialized learning. American writer *** education by Vela Blue in her book " how to kiss " pointed out: " through the study, and every time you kiss will kiss his ( her ) heart. "

The reporter understands, this is the one and only kissing school was founded in 1998, 1800 people have already graduated from here. Each couple tuition at $475 a year, each instruction is the small cl***es, cl*** had an average of ten couples. Here, kissing is a complicated knowledge, including scientific knowledge and practice method. The cl***room was playing soft music, begins, students embraced each other, dancing, then kiss the forehead, face, lips are finally, kiss. The teacher often uses the calm voice, told the parti****nts every step of the way. Most students are sweethearts or husband and wife. Many learners that trip, learning to make them more intimate.

The knowledge about kiss

Nutley Bad told reporters: " for thousands of years, people kissing exploration has never stopped, anthropologists and biologists have discovered many on the science of kissing, in school we will be able to teach the learners. "

Kiss, the 34 muscles can work simultaneously, some control lip, some control of tongue.

Secondly, the kiss, the nose plays an important role. Before and after the kiss, the two sides not only the exchange of glances, also share the smell. Human olfactory mucosa in the possession of hormone receiver, they help determine the opposite *** is it right? " Suitable one ".

Again, a kiss is enough to life. Psychologist Gordon Gallop published a study showing: kiss, there are 5 pairs of cranial nerves from the lips, tongue and nose to brain delivery information, and then by the brain information processing, a kiss is enough to make a couple of confirming the development direction henceforth : toward a marriage or like a young man.

Finally, the majority of people kissing his head tilted to the right. Freud believes that the baby's sucking is kissing the direct origin. A study published in the journal " nature " the research report shows, most people kissing his head tilted to the right. This phenomenon may be due to 80% of the mothers used during lactation will the baby on the left side.

How to kiss performed more bar

To let your kisses more excellent, the reader can follow some skills.

Take a deep breath. Some people are kissing when breath, so it cannot be continued to arouse enthusiasm, also cannot kiss. Breathe deep, find out and your partner synchronous breathing rhythm, sense two people at the same time.

Maintain eye contact. Don't always close, e****lished visual contact, to two to bring energy.

Set some time. As often as possible to tell the other half, and you want him ( her ) a kiss every morning and before going to bed, kissing is good time.

Guangdong Province

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In recent years the fastest growing consumer electronics enterprises Lehua television, to be held ceremoniously in Guangzhou " music. Enjoy the horizon -- Lehua television energy-saving Huimin, happy 3D and CCTV " this love " commemorative edition television conference ", this is the Lehua television following the March release of OKTV television and " happy product strategy ", happy again. On this second conference, Lehua television take the lead in response to the national energy-saving products Huimin project policy, launched more than the national energy conservation projects that benefit the highest energy efficiency index of 3D product camp happy, happy, happy cloud contains 3D television intelligent 3D television and for three or four market the happy blue 3D TV, and CCTV " this love " Commemorative Edition 3D television. At the same time in March this year, the successful launch of OKTV television based on, and launched the OKTV MV DreamWorks television family happy upgrade sales plan, achieve " happy product strategy " under the comprehensive product upgrade.

Reportedly, since June 1st, the national energy-saving products Huimin project policy since the formal launch, Lehua television products in energy saving projects that benefit the people, and become the first selected national energy-saving projects that benefit the people of color TV brands. Lehua television with domestic and international brand of a gleam of common became the first finalist 15 color TV brands, and in the energy saving of long-term ac***ulation is closely related to. Early in the era of the CRT, Lehua television had achieved 29 inch television rated power of only 70 watts, achieve power only for other brands of the same TV half technology level; 2010, Lehua television in the Great Hall of the people to start the green Angel national contest, advocate happy science and technology and energy saving, health industry new trend; 2011, Leroy LED product line for the level of energy efficiency, 32 inch LED power of only 50 watts, in the industry are in a leading position; at the beginning of 2012, Lehua television further dig energy-saving technology, has achieved LCD product breakthrough line level energy efficiency. Green energy is Leroy television long-term product development basic principle and the core concepts of the enterprise. The national energy conservation projects that benefit the subsidized products, Lehua television as one of the first selected brand, its full range of television were selected for this energy conservation projects that benefit the people, which is 32 inches or more LED TV more than national energy-saving projects that benefit the highest efficiency index. In the field of energy-saving technology of Lehua television has been at the forefront of the industry.

Happy 3D three camps, Lehua television takes the lead in response to energy-saving the policy landing

Conference, Lehua television shock released happy 3D three product camp -- 910DJ, 810DJ, 720DJ series products. According to the introduction, this series of products are Lehua television take the lead in response to the national energy-saving projects that benefit the people policy,dab4d60ck the rapid introduction of a new generation of green energy-saving 3D products, but also based on " happy Lehua television product strategy ", the introduction of a new generation of 3D product innovation happy.

It is reported, this series of three camps product energy efficiency index has reached 2.1, more than the national energy conservation projects that benefit the highest efficiency index, which represents the current industry of green energy-saving technology leader. And Leroy happy 3D three camps products, comprehensive coverage of the 55 inch -32 inch 3D mainstream TV sizes, and across the shutter type and optical type two core 3D technology, has been fully as industry-leading 3D TV products and the level of 3D technique. According to the Guangzhou digital Lehua technology limited company general manager Mr Li Lu introduces, except this time release new Lehua television on the outside, other products already on the market also took the lead in carrying out product of all fronts of energy efficiency upgrades, all met or exceeded the national energy-saving projects that benefit the highest efficiency index.

Since June 1st national energy conservation projects that benefit the people since the formal launch, Lehua television was launched series of green energy-saving products, promote the policy landing and Lehua television enterprises, Guangzhou city is also the only selected the first batch of national energy-saving products Huimin project of color TV brands. Guangdong Province Economic and information technology committee responsible person said: " the scene from saving Huimin policy after the start of the Lok made quick response visible, Lehua television in energy-saving technology and product ac***ulation and industry leading. For the long-term focus on green energy industry, the government will vigorously support and nurture, and expects the Lehua television and other green energy benchmarking enterprises lead demonstrative effect, so that more enterprises to join the development of energy efficient products. "

design elements

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Buying a digital camera users have different needs, some performance as dominant, some by price is dominant, and buyers need to portable, fashion, cool and so on all kinds of demand. Different people have different needs, manufacturers will be launched in different grade and different performance of products to meet different consumers. Today's digital camera variety, is no longer a brand of a certain type of one alone big situation, consumers have more choices ****e. According to the side of a few friends purchase demand, to tell you how should the current digital camera.

Real users claim to teach you how to choose the digital camera.

Digital camera development today, variety is complete. Previously only for the ordinary consumer cameras as well as for the professional user SLR camera, and no more breakdown categories, only a number of different types of differences, now in the sale of digital cameras, have evolved a lot of subdivision of the categories, consumer camera besides the common digital camera and a camera, extension card telephoto camera, professional camera two consumption level, SLR camera is relatively ****le, still the main professional market, but also appeared a cheaper entry level products. In recent years digital camera the biggest change is the new single electric camera category.

Types and features of digital camera

In 1, card camera

Card camera

Card camera is one of the most common digital camera, is available in the market with the largest number of camera category, launch new products every year at least100market.dab4d59ck According to the users the most extensive introduction of categories. On the portability and ease of use, compact body, style and more and more fashion, with numerous fashion people 's taste.

Advantages: cheap, portable, high fashion design elements can be easily combined with. A higher degree of automation, easy operation, more interesting functions.

Disadvantages: sensor is smaller, the general quality, shoot low operability, does not favor the creation.

In 2, card telephoto camera

Telephoto camera card

Card card camera telephoto camera is a kind of optical zoom, but close to the traditional telephoto camera, the optical zoom in 15 times more than the product is widespread, and the key point lies in the fuselage volume control is very good, and not much larger than ordinary consumer cameras, prices are more reasonable, so in consumer camera category, this type of camera sales have been good.

Advantages: high practicality, portable compact, inexpensive, with manual exposure.

Disadvantages: sensor is smaller, the general quality.


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Power system communication support for digital power supply development

Brief introduction

The power subsystem is increasingly integrated into the whole system. Power supply system has been separate from the" essential risk device" into the monitoring subsystem. The current system has started to be a power subsystem to control peripherals to treat. The system can control the power system can realize a lot of advantage, such as energy saving, sorting and margin adjustment. However,system designers and design personnel must create their own user programs, because there is no industry standards as a guide. With the recent emphasis on NC power solutions, has the power subsystem standardization system communication solutions become more important.dab4d58ck The new PMBus ( power management bus ), communication protocol has been developed successfully, for the system and power supply system between the motherboard and the stent ( board-and-shelf ) communication. This paper discusses the use of PMBus design requirements. Will also examples discussed standard of power system communication solutions, which allows us to easily understand the advantage of PMBus.

Power supply solution of communication

SMBus is the first batch of power system communication industry standard a. Will the bus is defined as the intelligent battery system ( Smart Battery System, SBS ), i.e." access bus ( Access bus ) extension. " Access bus based on I2C bus address restrictions on. SMBus solution defines multiple host protocol, in order to meet the requirement of battery management. Multiple host requirements because the system host computer and battery at different times into the host state. The goal is to have the system: it can control by the system of smart battery electrode ( pole ), but still allows the battery" request" help and configuration charger. The definition also includes" bus protocol ( bus etiquette )", such as bus hog restrictions and other timeout ( time-out ). The agreement also solves many problems such as the user without the user, system notification scenario for the spontaneous cell open circuit. In order to strengthen the agreement, but also provides a data packet error correction ( Packet Error Checking ). The options in each of the communication data packet is included at the end of a single byte code PEC. PEC is a 8bit CRC ( cyclic redundancy check ).

Local power communication currently using another standard is the intelligent platform management interface ( IPMI ). Although not specifically designed for power communication, but in and power management relevant to many aspects of IPMI are useful to. As with SMbus, IPMI is also based on the I2C, but only supports a host write mode ( Master Mode Write ) rather than restart to change the direction of data bus. IPMI than SMBus for more conversation. Device request message or send a response. Communication data packets to the first portion is connected to header. The section includes the device address. The device receives the data packet and information, to identify the data packet function. The second part of the first packet is sending the packets to the device address, upspowermanufacturer.com then the command and data. Each segment is the last part of the checksum, to help detect communication problems.

The PMBus special interest group ( SIG ) has chosen to remove SMBus1.1 as the communications protocol used. As part of decision-making, PMBus SIG joined the SBS organization. In addition to public bus, power supply and battery management have many common interests. PMBus is through the use of a single host to simplify protocol.

perfect face

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Fast face-lift10coup against the face fat

The face will upset you so? These fast face-lift10coup let you no longer worry! To give it a try.

In 1, the ice towel on the face

If you get up in the morning when you find yourself facial edema, relaxation, available ice towel surface to a first aid. The soaked water towel on the face,dab4d56ck can not only refreshing spirits can also reduce swelling, then some emergency small mask, let face quickly to restore the original compact.

In 2, the tight Yan m***age bed

At bedtime, maintenance, whether you use what kind of cream, should learn to do lymphatic m***age. Key is pressed two points: a bone above, namely to open his mouth when the concave place; one in the ear ( below about just below the earlobe ), press down will have a sour feeling.

In 3, shout" ah"

Facing the mirror, the mouth was" ah" open, chin down for about 10 seconds, the action is repeated 3 times. This posture is able to exercise the chin and cheek muscles.

Around4, Mr.

Lips closed lips, first to the right handers, hold for 10 seconds, then to the left as10 seconds left, the two sides take turns over 3 times. Begin if not used, might as well with the eyes together around conversion. This small action can strengthen the cheeks and mouth muscles, help chubby little cheeks quickly disappear.

In 5, the tip of the tongue gurgle

The tip of the tongue in the mouth by up and down around the inner lips, clockwise stimulation of acupoints, over 3 times in a row. The tip of the tongue to stimulate the inner lips of the muscle, can help eliminate decretal grain, so that you no longer" hanging cheeks"!

6, pinball face-lift method

Sooner or later, after washing the face do not dry with a towel, gently pat face dry. Pat later we usually used to play small marbles in the face of rolling back and forth, where the meat on the roll where, for less than a month will disappear automatically.

In 7, salt deposition eye

In 500cc,40 degrees warm water adding a teaspoon of salt, stir evenly, the gauze soaked in saline, fully absorb the salt, and then folded into the appropriate size of gauze, deposited in the eyes for 20 minutes. Using the principle of high osmotic pressure, water will be from low to high drainage, the water discharge. Note that, before the hot compress foretaste temperature, avoid high temperature harm to the skin.

8, drink black coffee

After eating breakfast, drink a cup of natural black coffee, about 30 minutes to 1hours later, you can see his face swollen disappear. Natural black coffee contains caffeine has diuretic, accelerate the consumption of body heat, so it can quickly eliminate the swelling of the face, especially the effect of eye puffiness.

In 9, bath face-lift method

We all know that heat bath is the best way to lose weight, the same temperature bath also let you can be thin face. Every day you can in38 ℃water in a sit in the bathtub shower, water depth of heart, and in line with the thin face frost facial m***age, bath time to 20minutes is the best.

10ring, ****y food and snacks

Want to maintain a perfect face curve must pay attention to facial swelling! One not careful you might let you tried to keep face curve disappear. So the dinner, should avoid as far as possible is ****y and salty food, snacks to prohibit.

driver applications

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In order to meet the demand for LED, IR recently, LED bulb replacement lamp lighting and other non isolated LED driver applications, introduced a new high voltage regulator control IC -- IRS2980. IRS2980 is the company in a high voltage LED driver IC series first product,dab4d55ck nominal value is 600V, and the use of hysteresis loop average current mode control, achieve the accurate current regulation. The new LED buck drive contains a high voltage internal voltage and high side current sensing of MOSFET low side driver. Pulse width modulation converter is compatible with an electronic light adjusting, current control cover 0 to100%.

Pan Dawei further pointed out that, relative to other non isolated LED driver applications, solutions, the new IRS2980to lower system costs improve efficiency. Using SO-8package IRS2980, with integration of the latest high voltage level shift and terminal technology IR advanced high voltage IC process, can provide top electrical overstress protection and higher field effect reliability.

Digital power supply control method to solve many problems

Basically, LED replacement lamp driver, mostly adopt the step-down switching regulator mode. Rom Electronics ( ROHM ) points out, want to let LED in the fixed luminance under conditions of light, must install executable constant current control LED drive IC. In general, usually by step-down switching regulator mode. This is because the traditional way can cause voltage input / output voltage change is too large, and according to different application conditions, may also need to design power supply module.

When the input voltage changes in the frequency of a voltage, AC ( after full-wave rectification:100Hz-120Hz ) causes the input voltage ripple, at this point, the brightness of LED will become un****le. If you want the input voltage ****ility, it is bound to the power supply module design with some ingenuity. When the input voltage changes more big, must according to the light source output voltage ( LED tree ), altering the outer parts of the constant, it resulted in a power module style increases, our design work.

In view of the above question, by Rom R & D BD555AKFV system using digital power supply control method, without the need to increase the external parts, as long as the detection coil current, can solve this problem. Application of digital power supply control method, regardless of the input / output voltage value is reached why, to control the LED average current target. This method is the coil current sampling ( A/D conversion) and digital, then according to the sampling data, computing the peak current value, so that the LED average current current to reach a ****le target. Then, the calculation results for D/A conversion, and feedback to detect peak current comparator.

modulation function

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2012May global LED light bulbs retail price keeps balance basically

Instead of the traditional40 watt incandescent bulbs commodity original price ****ility to increase new items

LEDinside said, instead of the traditional40 watt bulb May LED international average remained at around $20.8, the original area of commodity prices have remained ****le or showed a slight downward trend, but the month of new items and prices generally high relatively more. Japan price appears about 4% rise, the average price of US $21. The original items little floating price, but due to the exchange rate to fall to fold rise, the region is replaced with40 watts of goods part of the emergence of new products.dab4d53ck South Korea and the United States of America area commodity price rise, the main reasons are high for new product price, overall fold. In addition, the British and German region is replaced with40 watts of average commodity prices are about 13% and9% down, two original commodity prices steady slide.

Instead of the traditional60 watt incandescent bulbs global commodity prices vary greatly

Replace 60watt incandescent bulbs LED light bulbs products, in May the global fold change is not obvious, showed only1% down slightly. Korea area reached about 9%, the largest decline, the average price fell to $28.3. The main reason for this area the aggravation of the market compe***ion, and won the exchange rate to rise in the overall decline in prices. British regional price appears about 6% down, mainly because the original item prices, while the region this month the new products. The United States in May price change is not obvious, only about 1% show a slight decline. In addition, Japan area instead of 60W commodity price rise in3.6%, the original product prices remained ****le, while new product price high. This month the new join replace60 watt commodity price statistics of the German area whole sell at a higher price, average price reached $36.7, second only to the area of the uk.

Retail price gradually hasten is ****le high-order products will start the next wave of price war

2012May global regions commodity prices have remained ****le, replacing the40 W and60watts of commodity prices had not obvious change. The original area of commodity prices remain ****le or declining trend, and the new items generally increased, and to a certain extent, boosting prices. Two factors contribute to the overall price volatility is not balanced.

LEDinside says, from 2012since February, the global LED light bulbs retail prices started to stop the decline trend, and gradually ****ilized. To May, the price war has largely subsided, replace sb. Is the high performance products in the proportion of promotion and marketing efforts to strengthen the. Various regions have introduced the upgrading or adding new features such as the light bulb, energy saving efficiency or with light modulation function. The first-line brand manufacturers also with new properties or high-performance for the campaign, aimed at increasing consumer awareness and market acceptance.

Because the LED light bulb manufacturers try to enhance performance and specifications of different direction, LED bulb average retail price is expected in the short term will not decline, but maintain a period of ****le or slightly fluctuating period. However, the long term, the LED price glides ceaselessly, and LED bulbs manufacturers is also increasing, so when the optical type and high efficiency products gradually popularized, by the end of this year will restart another wave of price compe***ion.

power consumption

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Many large enterprises and hospitals because of high efficiency and energy saving and low carbon and environmental protection, being widely used for LED lamps, but in ordinary consumers has not gained popularity and recognition. Most families do not accept the LED lamp because the price is more expensive,dab4d52ck but considering various factors, LED lamp price than ordinary energy-saving lamp is much higher.

The first health environmental protection, LED lamp does not contain common lamp contains harmful elements such as mercury and lead, to recycle. While the light with ultraviolet and infrared radiation produced less, fewer, more conducive to human health. Secondly, the ordinary lamps are AC drive, will produce a strobe, and LED lamp is a DC drive, no stroboscopic, is conducive to the protection of the eyes, for children learning at night, do homework have protecting eye effect. In addition, in energy conservation, energy consumption is only white LED lamp incandescent lamp energy saving lamp1/8,1/2, power consumption compared to other bulb for lighting can save 50% - 80%, while the service life is much better than other ordinary bulb life much longer, for common household lighting is " put things right once and for all".

Ordinary household energy-saving lamps because of high switching frequency, easily lead to filament bulb blackening, overheating, so the service life is not long," energy-saving does not save money". While LED lights from the selection put an end to the heating defects, basic without taking into account the heat problem, at the same time, it also supports the high frequency switching, so many residential corridor lights will choose LED lamp. In fact, not only is the corridor, in his own porch lamp using the LED lamp is also a good choice.

The author understands, now LED lamp can be applied to various lamp type, consumers do not need to worry about the LED lamp shape will not look good, and their own home furnishing decoration style does not meet such problems.

charging peak

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A fast DC charger

The United States is landing electric car market, the chargers to20 minutes for the electric vehicle with80% n. The future promises to consumers at low prices in a few minutes the electric vehicle charging, and electric energy storage is the key of realizing this goal.

Quick charger is undoubtedly the development of pure electric vehicles is facilitated, but electric car charging peak period is very likely to power grid

Enormous pressure,dab4c52ck if the electric vehicle charging business choose to use high price peak electric charge, one day will cost up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the development of fast DC charging station, must avoid the peak charging problem, because electric cars now in rapid station charging will consume50 kilowatts, is" slow" charging station power consumption15 times.

In fact, since DC charger program since the launch of the battery manufacturers, is committed to the development of the power grid pressure smaller battery products. For example, the United States of America electric car service 350Green has begun in Chicago development of lithium ion batteries

Quick charger, and South Korea cooperation, e****lishment of intelligent grid center, which includes280 Chicago AC and fast charger installation work.

At the same time,350Green has built a battery package ***embly plant, with a view to electric vehicle charging industry extends to the u.s.. 350Green CEO ( Mariana Gerzanych ) is introduced, the relevant battery products from Chicago Illinois Polytechnic University ( Illinois Ins***ute of Technology ) and under the AllCell technology company ( AllCell Technologie ).

Mariana says, 350Green battery pack ***embly is not limited to a specific battery supplier. In 2012August,350Green battery ***embly plant will be put into operation, the annual battery pack ***embly amounted to 3000000000000.

helped needs

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Remote software is a fantastic tool that allows you to connect to another desktop computer to perform simple tasks such as updates, restarts, installing software, and backing up data.

Most Windows operating system (OS) include remote connect desktop software pre-installed into the OS but if you need to remote connect from other computers or devices that aren't Windows based you will need to install a third party software that will allow you to do that. Once you have found software that allows you to connect from your current location you will need to install dab4c51ck onto the desktop you wish to access.

When they are both installed most remote connection software will ask you for all required technical information including IP address, usernames, p***word, and in some cases the software will give you a ID number which allows for easier connection to the desired remote desktop.

Once you have entered all required information you should be able to connect to the remote desktop and do simple tasks. You might find that the software you have used wont be able to do all the tasks and may decide to seek an alternate remote software provider.

If you have connected to a remote computer before the computer has logged into a user account the software you use will have to allow for unattended access, which mean if the user hasn't logged on but the computer is switched on you should be able to connect to it and then login to do your tasks. Keep in mind that if your software doesn't support unattended access then when the computer turns of or restarts the users will have to physically have to be there to login and ensure the remote connection software is running.

Some remote desktop software will allow you to perform certain key presses for example "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" to bring up the menu for task manager, logout and shutdown. Not all software does this and it can sometimes create issues when trying to do some tasks such as trying to open task manager to check status of the computer and programs running.

Accessing a desktop remotely allows people to provide remote support and help fix issues with the desktop without having to be at the computer physically. When remote accessing a desktop, if the desktop keyboard and/or mouse isn't work wont make any difference as the computer that is access the desktop will use their keyboard an mouse to compete the task. If the remote desktop your connecting to is a server of some sort that doesn't have a screen/monitor then person connection to the desktop can still see everything because the desktop is still sending the information like if the monitor was plugged in.

LED enterprises

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Vigilant LED lighting light photovoltaic industry of old road

Photovoltaic industry has been over various rings, from the industry itself, it can not bear the heavy, but in the capital and local governments more favor, some find north. While the LED lighting industry also appears to be ***ociated with the original photovoltaic industry collect myriad dotes on them. Nowadays, the photovoltaic industry to be immersed in predicament," winter" long. Photovoltaic industry is facing abnormalities in the development of the situation, the United States of America" double reverse" survey weight, heavily dependent on government subsidies, overcapacity, enterprise difficult to continue, the" original sin" led to today's industrial predicament, and LED industry seems to tell similar stories. LED lighting industry how to walk like each one step, avoid light volt industry old, the industry is worth vigilance and ponder.

Alert breeding policy on inert

Photovoltaic industry a large number of horses, in addition to the investors of the enterprise profit-driven mentality, some local government performance anxiety. Although it is difficult to say whether because of the government's excessive doting, led to the photovoltaic industry was born deformed. But the subsidy is a "double-edged sword", in the promotion of the development of photovoltaic industry at the same time, also in accordance with market rules restrict the" independence" of important factors in the development of.

Recently, the State Council once again focus on LED lighting industry, will take out 2200000000 yuan to promote, for the energy saving lamp and LED lighting industry is undoubtedly a good news. And this is LED lamp is first obtained clear policy support, means that LED lighting the national focus on the development of the energy industry, the future will certainly get more support and attention.

However, lighting market so large state subsidies can really promote the development of the whole industry is not entirely?. Although the emerging industry needs government support, but also can not blindly rely on policy to stimulate the market. Excessive government support policies will also have the side effect caused by the development of the enterprise itself, inert. After all,dcb4a51kk in the sugar bowl in the growth of enterprises is difficult to bear a dangerous situation of fierce international compe***ion.

Now, LED lighting companies can no longer rely on government subsidies, should be better to plan for future development route, realize the modular, alternative and standardization, reduce cost in order to correctly guide the LED development direction, to create a new prospect of market of LED industry development. At the same time, the government in the introduction of related support policies at the same time, should alert the individual enterprises to seek policy loopholes, or breeding policy on inert, in order to ensure the effective implementation of policies, and achieved good results.

Vigilant capacity and financing surplus crisis

Chinese photovoltaic industry" like a swarm of bees" type development way is also the cause of winter season is important reason. The industry is well known, the LED industry also is attracted all the forces to attack and has the strong trend, already became the private equity and venture capital industry is one of the most favored. But whether this is a good news, remains to be time research.

According to statistics, in 2011a total of 7 domestic LED industry enterprises in stock market A achieve IPO, ***ulative financing amount is 3625000000 yuan, the average single enterprises financing 518000000 yuan. From the market distribution, of which 5 enterprises land do poineering work board, the other 2are in the small and medium-sized enterprise board listing. 2012 while still has a number of companies listed on the line up. These business expansion scheme aspiring, funds raised by almost invariably used in capacity expansion project and the extension of industrial chain, in the LED industry chain ends, but not in the core technology.

According to the Guangdong light lighting Ins***ute of statistics, from last year to the first quarter of this year listed12 enterprises in the 2011 annual performance report shows, only the ground and the construction of two photoelectric photoelectric maintained growth rate increased slightly, the other 10 companies have varying degrees of decline rate. Among them, in2010 operating income has maintained a growth rate of 234% rectangular illumination, in 2011 operating income growth rate of only 57%. Million science and technology achievement even zero growth.

The personage inside course of study points out, if the core technology" short board" status was not reversed, LED enterprises listing and financing brought immediate results may be excess capacity, and can further release, compe***ive pressures will intensify, shuffle tide peep.

While enterprises blind construction, extensive expansion, doubling the capacity increase; side downstream is sold not free, trade surplus. The m***ive influx of hot money , but was cold market, caused by overheating of investment, the price glides ceaselessly. Apparently, overheated investment in the LED industry secret worry is heavy.

washing water

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Don't look down on the rice washing water, washing water is a treasure. Rice water to wash the dishes can be used to wash up. Long term adhere Taomi Shui face and hands, will make the skin become smooth, elastic.

The first step, rice washing water not to fall over,ocb1d2ccan make water precipitation while, take the top layer of clear water wash work.

The second step, in order to achieve a better effect, we use bamboo charcoal sponge dipped in washing water, in the face m***age, bamboo charcoal adsorbing dirt ability, thus can suck out the skin deep dirt.

The third step, used washing water after washing the face, we still have a magical beauty skin care items, is the corn grain! But the skin a good helper.

The fourth step, the corn grain crushing, with cotton wool for facial m***age, you'll find out, corn grain in the face m***age process is very magical, is also very comfortable.

The fifth step, all the cleaning and peeling after work, don't forget to follow-up care, apply toner is necessary.

The sixth step, if you don't feel good, can give the eye can be a simple nursing work, an eye mask, and make eye skin and facial skin permeability, but also to avoid the black rim of the eye is too obvious.

Finally, then apply the essence and emulsion, so we Shui wash + corn skin will be accomplished! Is it right? Have a look skin permeabilization of hydra.

Tips: rice water wash way has very much exquisite, daily washing time, throw the first water, leaving second Shui, it slowly clarified, and above the water to wash face white and delicate, variable.

simple operation

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Baby stroller, baby favorite walking traffic tool, is the mother with a baby in Shangjie when shopping for necessities. However, according to the growth of the baby stroller, usage, and can be divided into many types. Mainly according to the load weight, the general test standard of nine to fifteen kg. The general infant car about can be used for four to five years.

Baby carriage - types of models

Baby carriage

In general, the Asian market (from Japan or Taiwan) baby stroller into type A and type B two categories. A type vehicle in the baby 2 months, the head can be supported by; B type vehicle in the baby 7months, can sit well with. No matter what kind of style, are available to about 2 years old. Each one has his good points. Two car, model A car suitable for going out for a walk, B road for tram ride or go shopping.

A type baby carriage

The baby may be lying in the car, even if your baby to sleep without fear. As the wheel is larger, the ground has less rugged bumps, baby sitting may feel very safe. If the direction of a handle can be switched, then can also watch the baby 's face to go out for a walk. But this kind of car is heavier, have accounted for the local.

B type baby carriage

This kind of car is small and portable, simple operation and convenient handle, turning. In the narrow p***age shops or crowded places shuttling back and forth. After package even in the tram also do not take a place, can be placed in the trunk of a car, a journey time of great help. With the model A car is slightly narrower, seat, adju****le angle smaller.

Europe and the United States perambulator

The A type and B type baby carriage is Asia's specifications, has recently emerged in Europe and the United States and Asia made benchmark different strollers. This car can lie down, like A car, but like B car as easy storage. Europe has many stone road, so the baby carriage wheels are doing great and strong. The United States still available to two of the baby together by using the double stroller. Has also recently appeared round b***inet, ultra-lightweight umbrella handle car, also some families with more than one baby cart.


certain extent

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The baby started instrument used for electronic organ

Many of the benefits of children learning to play a musical instrument, in a word, namely "study a few years, benefit for life".

However, experts remind parents: the music to lay a good solid foundation, please make a careful selection of children for musical instruments.

The electronic organ has the rich timbre, can imitate the nature sounds, and has an automatic rhythm, automatic chord and conventional musical instruments do not have special features, many curious children are naturally interested in it.

Many parents in the eyes, in the mind, in order to make the child can make progress in music, have for their children to buy a electronic organ.

However, this really is a big mistake in the children's learning to play a musical instrument. The reason lies in the following several aspects:

Children learning to play a musical instrument, is to lay the foundation

Electronic organ is a new electro-acoustic instruments, its models, features are not uniform. With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic organ still evolving, is difficult to be fixed for which a model. The instrument itself not stereotypes, can lay a good foundation for?

Children learn the electronic organ, often appear such phenomenon: a child after a period of study, has been able to skillfully manipulated his lyre and played some music, but, once for the other organ seemed to be at a loss what to do. That is because different manufacturers, different brands of electronic organ and its function, operation keys are not unified cause, especially when some children piano play the lower grades, if encountered a higher grade of piano hardly. The electronic organ in the development of faster, more upscale piano will be rolled out ceaselessly, in low-grade dulcimer playing navigation, how to adapt to the high-end? The child parents think that children learn the electronic organ can be like learning piano and other musical instruments as laying the foundation for the future of the idea is unrealistic.

Electronic organ not stereotyped teaching material and teaching method

At present, sold on the market for electronic organ teaching materials are mostly based on the piano or the accordion the adaptation of teaching materials, is not very suitable for playing electronic organ. Because the electronic organ. Health is different from not only the piano, but also differs from that of the accordion. The piano keys hard, the voice of the size, the sound quality is the same player methods to touch the keys directly; Accordion keys and although the same electronic organ accordion sounds almost, but the size and color in addition to the player hand control and also by the bellows to restrict.

These two instruments while the electronic organ is a instrument, but the former in touching the keys is a lot of knowledge, each etude are focused, are targeted to a certain extent. One Etude may be in response to the fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, forearm, arm, a little while writing, need for piano learners in the course of practice experience gradually and grasp. Through to these etudes day in and day out of practice in the course of time, will have a correct sense of touch keys, also have a saying" Kung fu". While the electronic organ because the keys too soft, and dynamics, timbre and so do not care about the hand control, so, while practicing the same tune, not to play due role, reach the goal of the training.

Many parents thought that use these tips: Piano, accordion and similar materials, learn the electronic organ can be for future learning piano, accordion foundation, it is a kind of misunderstanding. Study of the electronic organ if want to learn the piano or the accordion, in addition to music helps, key touch feeling is almost equal to zero, but also to learn from the beginning.

Tiguan bus

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In early 2009, the world well-known publications that " China is the world's factory, but it 's top companies still fail in an examination, a very strange". This article is based on Huawei Company and write, now on the Chinese automobile brand development present situation, but also lose to. Two years ago, in the relevant state policies to stimulate, Chinese car city flourishing, BYD brand expansion. But this downturn car city, let these bright under the representation of problem have discovered.

In this special subject, small make up people from Chinese strong copycat field proceed with, take inventory of all of these in the shape of logo,, all the major suit are" deja vu". Chengdu show, Sichuan gas carrying its brand - Mustang four car debut, with the Audi A4, the forester, Kia Chi run, Volkswagen Tiguan bus high imitation degree indeed people left. Just took office Chuan steam vice chairman, general manager Zhang Xin at the release ceremony that" Chuan steam horse to do China's own brand" the Lionheart, do you believe it or not, we are not.

Modeling of copycat

Beauty of the heart, the person all has. A woman is beautiful, man must lead, car to return. Let consumers love at first sight, fall in love at first sight, as major automobile brand styling designer unremitting pursuit. Have to admit that Europe and the United States, the Japanese automobile industry leader, domestic auto manufacturers and their gap is not a small. Under external forces laid siege to the situation, and in order to win yourself a ****e for one person, in recent decades, the domestic automobile manufacturers in the open for the spirit, greatly promote the Mr. Lu Xun's" take doctrine", thinking about international best-selling models, and will make only superficial changes, graft and transplant, performing another super imitation show.

Mother 's Day gifts

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Mother 's Day gifts.

In order to buy his mother a mother's day themed DIY.

Record we've and mother together in a fun, posted some of her youth memory, we grow up little fragments, through well-known mountains and rivers each happy moments of eggplant, happy smile. Whenever the mother to us, turned up album, can remember our growing process of each episode. Like to see our life, feel our success, our happiness, sweet our mother's heart. Imagine that this is how happy ah!

Love tips: a recollection of the past time, everything is so beautiful.

Sent her a long time favorite bag.

Believe that every woman has a heart bag control complex, although the mother has not had such beautiful youth, but as a woman, to create their own elegant temperament is still never out of date. If the economy can, also willing to mother a luxury.

Tips: love to mother want, as a woman, mother also needs to dress a woman dream

Sent her a set of practical health care products.

We grew up day by day, but my mother is day by day in the old, mothers with their best time to our growth. The physical health of the mother, is the people most happy thing.

Tips: gifts sent to health care, health to the mother is the most practical need.

Take her to go out.

Mother's Day is a day, you might as well put aside all other c****s, and father to accompany mother to quieter place for a walk, relax mood. And mother talk about some intimate discourse, forget the troubles, and with the mother share bright spring days and warm affection of time, of course, don't forget to take the camera to the mother to stay a few picture.

Love tips: relax the most important, more sincere accompany.

Sent her some smokeless pot, washing machine and other practical home supplies.

Now the home of intelligent products is also increasing, saves time and, to allow the mother with the housework less fussy, more time to rest and give the mother the most comfortable care

Tips: let my mother less care work, more rest.

The summer is coming, mother to buy some clothes for the season.

The mother dressed up not to lose the temperament, and a more dignified and elegant, ripe and generous, spend a little more time mother, mother is no longer young, we should act in time.

Love tips : wear in the mother body, also sweet in the heart.

For his mother to do a sumptuous feast.

As we all ate mother cooked up, , let us give the mother also do a good table! Buy a cake, make a big meal, in the family together to eat a happy family reunion dinner, to give mom a hug, say ' love ' thank the mother has been caring and love. In fact, when the parents do not require children to do things, as long as the children's happy peace and health, is the best gift to parents.

Tips: care personally for the mother's meals, not the same taste oh!

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